Sunday, July 22, 2007

Aldo Coppola – Hair Stylist for the Fashion Shows of Milan

Milan is the perfect destination for those interested in meeting people in the fashion industry. On any given day in the city of Milan you can bump into more or less famous models, model wannabees, fashion designers and America’s famous of the big and small screen. In Milan you can find the best artisans and quality products from the world of fashion. This includes the hair stylists who care for the stars. The best of the best is Aldo Coppola.

Coppola is the solution when all others fail. When the dye ruins your hair or a cut goes terribly bad then Coppola is the Answer. Raffaella swears by Coppola. She has her own personal favorite stylist and will wait several weeks for an appointment. Lorenzo travels with the fashion shows around the world turning every model into a diva. He can do the same for you. He will give you that next season look before others know it is about to happen.

Aldo Coppola is about artistic creation supported by technical competency. Coppola employs the best stylists and maintains a rigorous apprenticeship program. They start getting coffee for clients and work through years of apprenticeship. He takes only the best and somehow is capable of keeping them their. Even when a stylist leaves Coppola to start their own business they still refer to his shop in Milan as Number One.

Aldo Coppola has locations in the major cities in Italy but the original and the best is in Milan. They can do miracles and even the normal appointment is an experience in high fashion. You would think this is expensive and they do charge about 20% more than other stylists but it is well worth the money. Coppola is busy and cannot take walk-in appointments but call a couple of weeks in advance or have the hotel book for you. Plan to spend a couple of hours. It will be a pleasant voyage of self-indulgence. You will be pampered, primped and treated like a queen. Remember the idea of coffee, cappuccino and/or a glass of wine while visiting an establishment is a century old tradition.

There are numerous Coppola shops in franchising. In Milan you want to go to the original in Corso Garibaldi.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How hard is it to get an apprenticeship there? What are the requirements, do you have to know someone who knows somebody???

5:43 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

I would talk directly to one of the store directors. If you are willing to start at the bottom I believe there may be a good chance to work there.

6:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i will be visiting in italy in june and would love to get a new cut and color. What would you say is the average cost for this.

2:11 PM


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