Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Valentino – Celebration to 45 years of design

I have heard this to be the most important fashion event of 2007. Gold plated invitations are already in the mail to the lucky participants of the two day, 5 event, celebration of Valentino’s 45 years in the fashion industry. Many are claiming Valentino the King of fashion and the exclusive event is destined to bring together modern nobility from the four corners of the earth. July 6th to July 8th will days of fashion shows, dinners, private meetings and a historical representation of the career of Valentino. The backdrop is the city of Rome.

The entire area around the Coliseum will be adorned with images of the stylist’s designs. The fortunate holders of the gold invitations will be ushered to the Museum Ara Pacis at 11 AM on the sixth for a press conference and tour. That evening at 7:30, the second invitation opens the doors for the grand opening of the presentation, Valentino’s 45 years of Style. The evening could not conclude without dinner. The fortunate few, holding the third invitation, whisk off for dinner at the Tempio di Venere by the Arch of Constantine.

The following day does not start until 5 PM. Valentino is presenting his 2008 Fall/Winter collection. The location says how important this collection is. The Show will take place athe Monumentale S. Spirito in Saxia. The events conclude with a Grand Gala Dinner at the Galleria Borghese.

No doubt this is a once in a lifetime event. I believe my personal invitation must have been sent to the wrong address so if someone receives it for me please forward it here in Dallas.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a feeling my Valentino invite's also went to the wrong address Hey Ho .

1:29 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Stephen We just cannot depend on the mail any longer. I am sure that both of our invites are still in transit...

6:29 AM


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