Monday, April 02, 2007

Fendi – Italian Women’s Fashion Spring Summer 2007

The Italian Fashion group Fendi is best known for its accessories. Fendi has a wide range of accessories from shoes and bags to belts, jewelry, and household goods. The designs are traditional cuts with contemporary patterns and fabrics. I usually do not think of Fendi when considering shopping with Raffaella but a few things caught my eye this year. The 2007 Spring and Summer line picks up the 60s themes of the more traditional hippy. Flared tubes with stiff fabrics in bright and shiny colors are the recurring elements. The outfits all are super short but this follows the summer concept of beach and casual evening attire. The shoes are spiked sandals with leather latches. Purses are small and compact, again with the bright and shiny color schemes.

I like the flared tube short dresses. The lines are clean and playfully provocative. I guess it is the Easter Season, with colors of white and pink with lots of shiny designs, that makes me like these designs. I also appreciate the short skirts, even though I can imagine it is very difficult to wear anything this short, and solid lines. Perhaps the trick is to use these as covers, to and from the beach.

If there were a color that dominates the line it would be purple. When the color is purple the fabrics are softer tending toward knits. Big belts in shiny black leather and silver buckles complete the look.

All said and done, I like the look. I would love to see Raffaella with some of these designs but am not sure I would be as happy if she wore them out in public other than in a very summer atmosphere. The shoes are completely in line with my taste. The spikes and a minimal support structure around the foot let the feet shine in their own right while elongating the legs. The bags are too small. I would think that it would be a constant battle of “Where is the purse?” Finally I like the large and shiny belts. This is more true with the short skirts. I think that evidence the rest of the outfit.
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Blogger Doll Face said...

Too short for my liking, however 10 years ago i would've got away with it . This range isn't really my style :-(

9:24 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Natalie Short, really short, but just think about beach bumming and an evening in some great place on shore! I'll bet you look just FINE!

12:02 PM


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