Saturday, March 10, 2007

Trattoria al Bosco Padova – Traditional Recipes in a Provincial Environment

Vinitaly is in Verona and you may want an interesting place after a day of wine tasting. Trattoria al Bosco is just about ½ hour away from the fair in the outskirts of Padova. There are many good places to eat in Italy. Family operated restaurants that have been around for generations but everything is relative. In the city of Rome there are maybe 10 places where I look forward to eating. That is not to say that they are not great restaurants or that the food and wine is not excellent, simply that on a comparative basis they do not stand out. The same is true in just about every city however over the years, either by local friends taking me to their favorite place or just by fate, I have found some truly unique places. Trattoria al Bosco is one of those places that happened by chance.

I was visiting a client in Treviso and he wanted to go to dinner after a long project. I suggested some place with local foods where we could relax. He had just the place in mind. Recently, he had been to a wedding reception and knew of this place just outside of the city of Padova. At this point you are expecting to read something about the marvelously balanced foods, the superb wine cellar and perhaps “knock your socks off, service.”

I was a bit surprised as we ventured off the autostrada into the countryside of Padova. We pulled up to a villa with immaculate grounds laid over the rolling hills. A beautiful garden of green grass with intermittent trees held a few tables. It could have been the villa of any of my relatives. I had an idea that the food would be good. In Italy the places that hold wedding receptions are booked as much as 2 years in advance because of their quality food and reasonable price. We entered the main dining area. The structure has recently been restructured adding a few contemporary features while maintaining the farmhouse charm.

Livio introduced me to the owner and suggested that he serve whatever he felt was good. This was an invitation to eat too much but I never shy away from challenge. Trattoria al Bosco is Italian comfort food without cooking. Ravioli with Squash and Radicchio, Bigoli, fire pit roasted pork, cheeses and Bresaola served with a local red wine arrived on the table and disappeared as if by magic. Trattoria al Bosco is not a fancy place; it is a clean, family operated restaurant. It serves traditional regional cooking in a country setting with great down to earth wines and savory food.

Via M.te Venda, 46 - Boccon di Vò (Padova)
Tel. 049/9925066


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Blogger Dianne said...

This sounds such a wonderfull place David! It makes me want to book a ferry or a flight!

12:31 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Dianne Sometimes I go through withdrawl from the life I have come to love. Writing about neat places with great people calms me down.

11:36 AM


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