Sunday, March 04, 2007

Italian Fashion Tendencies to Entertain with Style

What do you get when you put a French Champagne producer and an Italian fashion designer together? You have the recipe for a new tendency in fashion. French Champagne producer Dom Ruinart wanted to create a new festive environment for his bubbly wine. Italian designer Luca Roda received the call to create an image of color and movement, something to substitute the austere white napkin traditionally used to serve his sparkling wine. Luca Roda designs silk ties, pashmina scarves and silk foulards. The result of this partnership is a colorful display that brings attention to the true protagonist of the party, the Champagne.

This is a new tendency that can easily be imitated in any home with just a little imagination. Just pull out that pashmina scarf that you haven’t worn in a while or a silk scarf that has been sitting in the closet. Wrap it around the neck of the bottle, flowing over the edge of the ice bucket and you have brought the latest and greatest of European entertaining to your party. The bottle does not have to be Champagne. It can easily be Prosecco or any other sparkling wine.

Play with the color combinations, solid earth tones will be fine with the forest green and gold labels. Brighter designs can be combined with stripes and patterns. A less expensive bottle can be accentuated with a silk foulard making your guests feel that they are important. The difference between a successful get together and a boring, can’t wait to get out of here, flop can be as simple as something to talk about. This will give your guests a reason to talk together and for the world travelers show them that you know what is happening on the international scene.


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Blogger Unknown said...

very cool! Nice to know. :)

And I'm curious to know how Italy saw such great views...

6:09 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Expat Always interesting things going on.

Expat published some beautiful fotos of the lunar eclipse. It looked like Italy was going to be shut out for cloud cover but everything cleared up at the last moment.

6:39 PM


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