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Montevertine "Le Pergole Torte" - One of the best unloved Tuscan wines

I usually do not write about the more expensive wines even though I keep a few in my cellar for special occasions. I do not believe that price necessarily translates to quality. Pergole Torte Montevertine is the perfect example of this concept. The year the bottle hits the shelves it will be somewhere around $80-100 a bottle. Yes this is more than your everyday wine but it does not have the price of Sori Tildin. As time passes Pergole Torte, for the good years, increases in value. A 1990 just recently sold at 1,200 Euro. The interesting thing is that you will not find Pergole Torte as one of the top wine picks.

The reason is simple, Pergole Torte Montevertine is a wine made in the concept of balance with food. It is prepared using traditional processes. Transferring from one barrel to another is done with gravity, no pumps allowed. The medium toasted Slovenian Oak mature the wine for 18 months. This 100% Sangiovese is the exemplification of passion resulting in the highest quality of wines. Before 2000 Pergole Torte would have been in the top 100 wines year in and year out but with the forced flavors of today’s wines, it is considered just a good wine.

The trend is your friend. Let others follow the international ratings and buy the wines that explode in your mouth and are undrinkable with dinner. Only the most passionate about wine, food and balance will see your choice of wine as a celebration of your friendship. They will go away from your table content, as both the wine and the food will benefit from this union. Last year, to reduce inventories, a local retailer put Pergole Torte 97 on sale at 69$. We filled our cellar. The question we should also ask is, “given that this wine is not pimped by the wine industry, why does the price appreciate over time?”

Pergole Torte should not be opened until it is at least 6 years old. It comes into its own at about 10 years and will continue to mature and develop its complexity of flavors well through 20 years. Recently a bottle of 1982, that is 25 years, was opened and performed quite well for dinner. The value appreciates because this is a great wine, unique, rare and exceptional. You are paying for the true flavor and balance of this wine. If you have a cellar and can put this wine away, this is an opportunity to drink a several thousand dollar bottle of wine for 100$.

It should also be noted that this wine has been on the table at the meetings of the G7 and G8 held in Italy in recent years. Those who are in the know choose this wine for the most discerning of clients and friends. Pergole Torte Montevertine is elegance and finesse. It is the Armani or Valentino of wine, timeless, always at the top no matter what the tendency of the day may be.

It is the perfect companion for white and red meat roasts, fowl, wild game and aged cheeses.

Technical Information

Grape: Sangiovese 100%

Color: Brilliant Ruby Red.

Bouquet: Elegant distinct scents of Vanilla and Violets, less decisive Raspberry and Bing Cherries and a hint of cloves.

Taste: A bit dry but soft, consistent and encompassing. A great balance of tannins reveals a complex range of flavors and an unusually long finish. Mature summer fruits, particularly Bing Cherries.

Alcohol Content: Minimum 13.2 %

Serving Temperature: 16-18 c.

Decanting: at least ½ hour.

Pouring: Pour slowly with a 15-20 degree inclination.

Glass: Red wine glass or Balloon.

Aging: Do not drink before 6 years from the vintage. It will arrive at maturity around 10 years and will gracefully age 15+ years.

Notes: The vintages have been rated since 1971:

1971 good
1972 mediocre
1973 good
1974 good
1975 exceptional
1976 media
1977 great
1978 good
1979 exceptional
1980 good
1981 exceptional
1982 good
1983 great
1984 no production
1985 exceptional
1986 great
1987 good
1988 exceptional
1989 exceptional
1990 exceptional
1991 good
1992 good
1993 great
1994 great
1995 exceptional
1996 great
1997 exceptional
1998 great
1999 great
2000 great
2001 good
2002 No information
2003 exceptional


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Blogger Tracie P. said...

we should bein tuscany tomorrow, i'll keep my eyes peeled!

11:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am planning to travel to Tuscany with my bf. Since I saw that movie Under The Tuscan Sun I've been obsessing in traveling to Tuscany.

My bf is more into wines than me so I guess he will be in heaven once we manage to travel there

3:10 AM

Blogger RennyBA said...

That valley and this wine is defiantly on my dream list. Thinking of the prize you have to pay for that wine in Norway, it's probably cheaper for me to go there and buy myself.
Thanks again for a very informative and readable wine post David!

Wishing you a lovely end to your week:-)

6:04 AM

Blogger Alfonso Cevola said...

1982 wasn't good - it was great!

wrote about it here:
1982 Le Pergole Torte

were you a no show again? ;)

7:54 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Tracie Drink some for me...

Chase Put a few bucks aside and pick up a couple bottles to take home and enjoy several years later for special occasions.

Renny I think that is a wise decision. Pick up a few bottles on each trip. In the long run you can visit more often and pay for the trips with the savings.

IWG I never miss a post! I enjoy your provocative and edgy style. The ratings are those of the company (this is how they consider their wine) which means is 82 was stupendous just think how the exceptional years are.
While I am not sure that this is Raffaella's favorite wine it is the one she asks me most often to bring home.

8:02 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

I have a montevertine le pergole torte 1996, what would that retail for?

9:45 AM


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