Sunday, September 10, 2006

Men’s Fashion Fall/Winter 2006-2007 Sweaters

Foto di Luca LazzariThe temperatures have begun to moderate here in Milan. The daytime highs are registering between 75-78 degrees while the evening and night drops quickly into the high 50s. The first sweaters and fall jackets are appearing at dinner and evening activities. The 2006 fall fashion has something for everyone. The designers have created fantastic combinations that are equally smart on the 20 something young stud all the way to the early baby boomer. Extremely clean lines with natural colors and textures to add complexity and balance.

Each designer has put together something just a bit different but for the first time in many years they have one underlying theme, “A man represented as a man!” No sensitivity or exploration of the feminine side is the theme of the fall 2006 menswear. Even the double lapelled fur overcoats bring back memories of the Marlborough Man riding his steed into the mountains covered with snow.

Foto di Luca LazzariThe layered look has many advantages it gives substance to an underweight man and forgives the guy with a few extra pounds. Pullovers take the place of or diminish the need for a nice shirt, something not to be ignored with a cardigan.

Alessandro dell’Acqua, relatively new to the high fashion scene, brings a young and vibrant vision of beauty and class. The fabrics are clean and light following the body’s contours with a bit of abandon, for the traditional, usually associated with the more established designers. The fabrics are tight knit and the lines are very clean. They could easily be an integral part of a company or military uniform. Mix and match with both solids and tweeds, the simplicity of the designs adapt to just about any look.

Foto di Luca LazzariDonatella Versace celebrates the blues, no not jazz, instead the color. Deep, rich tones, heavy large knits, are the basis of her pullover. Others have called it the city biker look. I see more rebellion in this part of the fall line-up. Perhaps she is testing the waters or just wanted to find freedom in this design. Either way Versace Pullovers are the perfect piece for the US Baby Boomer. The look can easily change from "I am conforming" to "I don’t give a damn" by changing the jacket from a nice mellow tweed to anything with leather, obviously black with a few steel latches and it says, “Come get on the hog baby, I want to ride!”

Foto di Luca LazzariFerre’ presents the most traditional items of the group. The clean lines and neutral colors accentuate the personal style of the elegant man. A sweater for every occasion from the V-neck pullover to the heavy cardigan with leather or fur lapels Ferre’ exudes traditional and classy. Easily adaptable for the elegant evening with a smoking jacket to an afternoon getaway in jeans, when wearing Ferre’ everything just works out right. Perfect for the 30 and up crowd who does not need the clothes to express character or personality. When combined with a soft, dark leather pair of gloves an air of mystery can engulf the right man. I guess you were able to ascertain I will be wearing Ferre’ this year!

Foto di Luca LazzariFinally we have Missoni. Missoni presents a Cardigan and Pullover combination. The pair is available both with matching patterns and the complimentary solid and design. Missoni’s creations are perfect for the semi-casual or casual events. Whether it be a Friday at the office or a weekend trip these sweaters combine to cover most occasions. The colors and patterns are interesting. They remind me of the North European traditional style or the indigenous Canadian Indians. The textures appear to be raw, almost burlap but to the touch they are soft and pliable.

I am impressed with this year’s addition of the sweater. I have always kept it in my wardrobe both for business and pleasure. The sweater gives a cleaner look than just an open jacket, keeps the tie from flopping around and the shirt neat and clean. The layered component gives extra protection when moving from inside to outside temperatures and when combined with a wool or silk scarf can be used well into December. I would stay away from some of the more flamboyant patterns. A quality sweater can be used for many years and in different occasions.

For today it is late. Tomorrow is the beginning of harvest in some of the Valcaleppio vineyards. Lascivious Bacchus here I come!

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Blogger Alfonso Cevola said...

"A quality sweater can be used for many years and in different occasions."

so true.... i still have and wear the sweaters i bought in Firenze at the Piazza San Lorenzo, in 1971...for 1800 lire (3.00) at the time.

5:20 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

IWG Quality shows over time. Raffaella has sheets of linen and tableclothes that were her grandmother's (when she first was married).

Several silk blouses that are more fashionable today than 70 years ago, still beautiful.

9:00 AM


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