Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hotel Anderson – Contemporary Hotel in Central Station Milano

Contemporary almost Spartan best describes the Hotel Anderson in Milan across from the Central station. My personal taste does not include contemporary architecture and style. I prefer the massive lines and balance of the Renaissance or Liberty periods but if contemporary is done well I can live with it. Milan has always been a difficult location for hotels, much like New York. It is possible to spend a great deal of money and have a very bad experience. A hotel that may not meet all of the desired characteristics can become a great fall-back solution during trade shows and fairs when it is very difficult to find a good solution.

Star Hotel Group has acquired the Hotel Anderson. While maintaining its very unique style, business amenities have been added or augmented. Internet Access, workout facilities, dining room and bar are all available. The rooms are very clean and not cluttered. You could say they are minimalist in nature while offering satellite TV and other business services.

Its location, next to Stazione Centrale, brings then entire city within a 15 minute subway ride and is only 15 minutes by foot to the Corso Buenos Aires, one of the primary shopping districts. The service is professional although I have never found it friendly. This could be because I am never really happy when I fall back onto this solution. The bar is quiet and has pastries that are a good snack when waiting for someone.

The design of the lobby and communal areas creates numerous opportunities to meet other guests who are either leaving or arriving. I have always found a large number of Japanese tourists. The rooms are quiet and it is a great place to get a good night’s sleep. The room costs about the same as the Michelangelo right next door so it is very reasonable for the area of Milan. All in all, this hotel is a good solution with professional service. I would equate the experience with many hotels in the major US cities. The rooms are clean and the bed comfortable.


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