Friday, July 07, 2006

Romitorio Di Santedame 2000 – Tenimenti Ruffino

Romitorio di Santedame 2000 by Tenimenti Ruffino is a beautiful, complex, designer wine. There are many stories about how the first designer wines came into production. One of the most credible is that one of the primary vineyards planted Pinot Noir vines without knowing it. It seems that the nursery had fraudulently sold the Pinot Noir as Sangiovese. Once the vines had taken hold the mistake was apparent however the vineyard decided to test a combined wine. They were pleased with the results and during the 80s numerous vineyards in Chianti began experimenting with designer wines.

Romitorio di Santedame is elegant mix of Colorino and Merlot. It presents a deep, ruby red color with violet highlights and an intense and complex aroma. At a first taste the flavor is soft and encompassing. Our immediate impression was Bing cherries and perhaps a bit of blueberry. As the wine decanted a flavor of more mature fruits was present. We were drinking before dinner while Raffaella prepared Messicani alla Milanese, which means Milanese Mexicans. No we were not cooking immigrants and the dish is neither spicy or does it have a cream or cheese sauce. It is still a wonder why the name. Back to the wine, once the initial flavors subside the wine presents a distinct but subtle chocolate flavor and a finish that seems almost balsamic. Rosemary and pepper are definitely present.

With our Chicken Rolls, Messicani alla Milanese, Romitorio di Santedame was perfect. The butter sage sauce balanced very well with the mature fruit and chocolate. The Rosemary and pepper spice flavor then prepared the taste buds for another tasty bite of the dish. The dinner and the wine finished all too quickly but they were a great combination and this wine has made it into our cellar. It is not an everyday wine, the retail cost will be about $50-55 but it is well worth a good home-cooked meal on a special occasion or with friends.

Grape: Colorino 60% and Merlot 40%.

Color: Intense, impenetrable, ruby red with violet highlights.

Bouquet: Delicate flowers and rich woods.

Flavor: Encompassing, very soft tannins, Bing Cherries and dried Plums. A definite finish of Rosemary and Pepper.

Alcohol Content: 14 %

Serving Temperature: 18-20 c.

Decanting: 1 hour.

Pouring: Pour slowly with a 15-20 degree inclination. Do not turn the bottle upside down to pour the final drops. If transported, let the bottle sit for a couple of hours before pouring.

Glass: use a clear wide bellied, deep, stemmed glass. The increased surface area will allow the wine to continue to breath and will release its aroma as you move the glass to the mouth.

Aging: This wine can easily age 10 years.

Note: Romitorio di Santedame will surprise you. If you drink it without seeing the bottle you will think you have a Super Tuscany. The price/quality on this wine is excellent.


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Blogger RennyBA said...

Hello from Norway in a lovely summer weather! Your post is always so informative and interesting and of course I will look for this vine when we have our vacation in Sweden.

9:16 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Renny - Hope your golfing vacation is going well. The wine is worth it, I am biased (I only write about wines I like).

7:31 AM


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