Monday, May 29, 2006

Eat Healthy to Reduce risks of Breast Cancer

We all face difficult choices at times during our lives, education, career, and family. Time is a limited resource and we have to determine which things are most important to us. Do we dedicate all our attention to our career, how important is personal time, is it better to make more money and have someone else prepare our food? Over time, as we gain experiences, our priorities may change, but every decision, every single day, has consequences.

The Mediterranean diet has found an unlikely ally. Fox News Network has just carried an interview regarding a new report on women’s health that will be published in early July. The report shows a direct link between breast cancer and obesity. It seems that the excess fat causes estrogen to be produced thus increasing the probability of breast cancer. While the merits of the study can be discussed in more details by other blogs it does indicate just how important a proper diet is.

Our lifestyle encourages us to eat out more often and when eating at home to use commercially prepared products. Tasty as they may be these products often are high in calories and lacking in substance. There are many processes that can be employed to get into better shape the basic formula is that you must take in fewer calories than the number of calories your body consumes during the day. This can be accomplished by increasing your metabolism through exercise, decreasing your caloric intake or any combination of both. I personally do not believe in the no fat or no carbohydrate crazes.

A balanced diet and an active lifestyle will surely result in a longer and more rewarding life. So pamper yourself, prepare a Bruschetta maybe followed by a Risotto or Ravioli and a nice glass of wine. Does your employer really appreciate those extra hours you put in as much as you appreciate your health? It is tremendously taxing to be a wife and mother even without an outside job. So take care of yourselves and be healthy.


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Blogger ChickyBabe said...

If they could only serve bruschetta, risotto and a glass of wine in the employer subsidised cafeterias!

6:27 PM

Blogger AY said...

The Mediterranean diet is somewhat misleading in that, it contains plenty of saturated fats. What's great about is are the leafy salads, olive oil, garlic and plenty of tomatoes used - all of which are powerful antioxidants (and prevent cancer).

Asian women have a lower incidence of breast cancer (and other estrogen/hormone-related cancers) due to huge intake of soya products: tofu, soya bean milk, TVP and the like.

We do need the fats - just not too much of the saturated fats. For this purpose, 30g of nuts a day would do the trick - and ensure a healthy cardiovascular system. Oh, organic flaxseed oil is a great supplement, too.

9:00 PM

Blogger AY said...

Sorry for the incoherence. Need a cup of tea. :-)

9:01 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

ChickyBabe - Italian "mensa", employer sponsored cafeteria, have both wine and risotto.

Aussie Yam - I did not intend to discuss the diet, I believe all things in moderation are good, I did want to emphasize the study.

It says there is a direct relationship between weight gained after 18 and the risk of Breast Cancer, that losing weight, once gained, does not reduce the risk and that we must teach our children to eat properly.

This is considered to be the first study to actually show a cause-effect for Breast Cancer. This study is considered "Brutal" because it says things without sugar coating or political correctness.

I could also use a cup of tea right now!

3:49 AM

Blogger AY said...

David - I didn't mean to say that you were misleading! But that the Mediterranean diet is misleading, per se.

I do agree with "everything in moderation". But that's the problem - meat-eaters do not tend to eat meat products ( = saturated fats) in moderation these days. Couple that with inactivity, it is simply asking for trouble.

I find the study kind of strange in that, it is impossible for anyone not to put on weight after 18 - especially given that, the ageing process slows down the body's metabolism rate.

Plus, how about when women go through pregnancies - does that count? Most women would go through it at least once, that's putting on at least 12KG per pregnancy.

So, I think the salient point here is still the ingestation of foods that forces the body to produce saturated fats. No?

And, hormone-related cancers do tend to be of a genetic nature, as well.

But yeah, absolutely, we need to teach kids to improve their diet. I believe in tackling the root causes of problems. For me, it has everything to do with 'ethical living'. Or rather, unethical living. :-(

When we stop treating Nature as if it owes us a favour, everything else will take care of itself. Including our own body.

5:14 PM

Blogger a.c.t. said...

Oh mensa, I miss it. I used to go when I was at university in Siena -it was amazing how cheap it was and how healthy. There's a chef in the UK called Jamie Oliver who has started a campaign to introduce healthy meals in schools as they are appalling - the only decent stuff to eat when I was at school is chips. Have a look - it's really interesting to see how far he's got - he's managed to change the ideas of politicians and actually change the food in schools.

1:11 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Aussie Yam - I had never thought of it as "Ethical Living" but it is an interesting way to express the concept. I see it as balance and moderation. I believe the end result is a happier, more content, life for all.

ACT - I had seen some information about that Chef. The concept is fantastic but the challenges are great. 47 p. is an incredibly small amount to create a balanced meal. Perhaps spending a little more on our kids would result in healthcare savings down the road. Thanks for the link.

7:08 AM


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