Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shopping in Milan – A quick guide

The most important city of northern Italy, capital of the province and of the Lombard region, Milan stands at the center of the Padana Plain between the pre-Alps and the Po, and between the Adda and the Ticino rivers. A financial and economic capital as well as major political and cultural center, it is the second most populous city in Italy, with 1,371,000 inhabitants.

Milan is a hub of European industry, with its concentration of major Italian companies. It holds the lead in volume of commercial activity. With its favorable geographic location, Milan is a communications center of great importance. Extending out from the city are train lines and national and international highways. But Milan is not just economics it is also fashion.

In Milan the latest and greatest fashion is available, sometimes a year, ahead of the other major Italian cities and as much as two years ahead of the provinces. The world has become much smaller since the advent of widespread air travel fashion moves around the world much faster but, if you are in Italy and you love to dress well, a stop in Milan is a must. You can get your fix at some of the more famous designer shops.

Clothing and Accessories

Armani, via Durini 24, via Sant' Andrea 9;
Basile, via Monteleone 27;
Chanel, via S. Andrea 10/A;
Dolce & Gabbana, via della Spiga 2;
Enrico Coveri, corso Matteotti 12;
Fendi, via Sant' Andrea 16;
Fiorucci Store, galleria Passerella 1;
Gianfranco Ferrè, via della Spiga 11;
Gucci, via Monleone 5;
Kenzo, via Sant' Andrea 11;
Krizia, via della Spiga 23;
Laura Ashley, via Brera 4;
Laura Biagiotti, via Borgospesso 19;
Les Copains, via Montenapoleone 2;
Max Mara, corso Emanuele;
Mila Schon, via Montenapoleone 2;
Missoni, via Sant' Andrea 9, piazza Duomo 21;
Moschino, via Sant' Andrea 12;
Pierre Cardin, via Verri 6;
Romeo Gigli, corso Venezia 11;
Ungaro, via Montenapoleone 27;
Valentino, via Santo Spirito 3;
Versace, via Montenapoleone 11;
Yves Saint Laurent, via Verri 8.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

Bally, via Montenapoleone 8;
Diego Della Valle, via della Spiga 22;
Salvatore Ferragamo , v. Montenapoleone ang. v. Borgospesso;
Fratelli Rossetti, via Montenapoleone 1;
La Vetrina di Baryl, via Statuto 4;
Magli, corso V. Emanuele ang. v. S. Paolo;
Marilena, via Tornio 13; Pollini, corso V. Emanuele II 30;
Sergio Rossi, via della Spiga 15;
Teras, via Torino ang. v. Lupetta;
Vergelio, corso Vittorio Emanuele 10;
Vierre, via Montenapoleone 27.


Agalma, via S. Tommaso 8;
Bernasconi, galleria V. Emanuele II, 33/35;
Buccellati, via Montenapoleone 4;
Bulgari, via della Spiga 6;
Cartier, via Montenapoleone 16;
Cusi, via Montenapoleone 21/A;
Faraone Tiffany, via Montenapoleone 7/A;
Pomellato, via San Pietro all' Orto;
Romani Adami, via Bagutta 3;
Scav, via della Spiga 9;
Schreiber, via Manzoni 40.


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Blogger Doll Face said...

That's just cruel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved shopping in Milano! I have a bag, shoes, t-shirt, bag, shoes, skirt, bangles... Ummmm... little top from Zara, only wish they would bring one to OZ.

So jealous. I wish wish wish I was there!

10:06 PM

Blogger Doll Face said...

Also.. Those boots in a 37.5 would be nice ;-)

10:08 PM

Blogger ChickyBabe said...

Now you're really rubbing it in! The restaurant then the shopping :).

12:32 AM

Blogger a.c.t. said...

I'm really impressed with the list - although less rich shoppers like myself tend to go into the many Benetton's and Sisley's that litter Milan.

3:27 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

ACT - this is a limited list, as you are aware, but the safest for those who do not know the area.

And always remember the end of season sale periods. Even if it is end of season in Milan it is still at least 1 year ahead of everywhere else!

3:34 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Natalie - Raffaella loves the boots also (keeps talking about them...).

3:48 AM

Blogger All Tomorrow's Parties said...

We're going to Milan next March. We can't really afford designer clothes, but love to shop. Any recommendations on streets/neighborhoods with good shopping on a budget?

10:28 AM


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