Friday, March 24, 2006

Chianti Superiore – Castello di Monastero 2001

We tried another Chianti from Lionello Marchesi’s Castello di Monastero. Our experience had always been that Chianti’s can be significantly different even from the same producer. This was, as expected, very different from Chianti Classico that was so interesting. We matched the Montetondo Chianti Superiore 2001 DOCG with “Uccellini Scappati”, “Birds that have Escaped”. Usually these would be made with veal or pork but Raffaella prepared them with chicken breasts.

The breasts are cut into filets and tenderized. On the flat chicken filet goes a strip of bacon, a thin slice of Brie and everything is rolled and in groups of two skewered. Between each roll a slice of bacon and sage is placed. Sautee in butter the rolls are pan seared and pepper is added. Finally, add chicken broth, cover and cook on low heat for an hour, turning occasionally. If necessary, add additional broth. This recipe does not require salt.

I opened the bottle about an hour before dinner while Raffaella continued the preparation. After about ½ hour we decided to discontinue our traditional before dinner white and start with the red. The first thing you notice as the wine comes toward your mouth is a hint of mature fruit and very light tannins. I expected the taste to be a bit hard. Instead it was very smooth. The flavor was constant both at first taste, while in the mouth and in the residual flavor. I would say it was structured but not complex. The wine is very pleasing even without eating anything. The initial hint of tannins in the bouquet was absent in the aftertaste and left no dryness.

With the food it was surprisingly complimentary and fully cleaned the mouth with every sip. I would be somewhat concerned if the meal was very savory, such as wild game or fowl but this is a perfect wine for just about everything. I would comfortably order this wine with appetizers, pasta and rice dishes, entrees of medium structure, white and red meats and all cheeses.

This wine exemplifies Chianti, great with just about every food. The type of wine you drink every day both with and without food.

Grape: 85% Sangiovese, 15% Merlot and Cabernet.

Alcohol: 13-13.5%

Serving Temperature: 18 degrees c.

Decanting: The producer suggests 1 hour before drinking. We did not wait that long, in fact the entire bottle did not last that long. It was great.


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