Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fashion Gone Bad – Dell Acqua - Women’s Fashion Spring Summer 2008

Please, do not wear this stuff! I am not sure what message Alessandro Dell Acqua is trying to communicate with the 2008 Spring Summer Women’s line. It is not just about the veil thin fabrics or the weird combination of blocks and triangles. Most of these outfits look like they were designed by a kindergarten student during art class. Each outfit is more outlandish than the last. Unfortunately they test the extremes of the good taste.

I am not sure how to comment these designs so I will simply post some photographs. One great note. Checkout the lace-up sandal boots. I love this style. Something inside me moves every time I see a pair of these walking down the street.

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Anonymous John said...

Maybe it was made by a kindergarten student. LOL. But hey. can't deny fashion of one's taste. That being said, it says a lot.

7:02 PM


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