Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Emanuel Ungaro Italian Women’s Fashion Fall/Winter 2007/2008 – This is Hot!

Emanuel Ungaro has always been a tad aggressive in his designs. This year is no different. He pushes the sensuality and femininity buttons with an interesting combination of leather and bright, slinky, synthetic blends. I would think of sequins and shiny fabrics as evening outfits. The 2007/2009 Fall Winter line successfully combines the “I am in a festive mood” with the soft feminine contours of Italian design. The result is the embodiment of desire. No man, who is still a man, stands a chance when the Ungaro Femme Fatale enters the room.

The leather outfits are aggressive, a bit of sweat may cross my brow, but I will most likely maintain my composure. The designer jacket would set me back a bit but I could still talk with compound sentences. Even this little black dress would leave me some level of dignity.

As the colors start to arrive, subtly flowing across those dangerous curves that deserve flashing yellow lights and signs placed at least 120 feet before hand, my concentration would surely break. Quiet candlelight dinners on the porch of some beach house with the sound of waves crashing would be stepping all over any intelligent small talk I might attempt.

The Colpo di Grazie would arrive when my lady arrived in one of these. These should be covered under Bush’s antiterrorist torture methods. My fingers are shaking from the adrenaline rush just imagining Raffaella walking into the room. Ladies, do not buy these outfits. They should not be legal. Have pity on us poor men. Do not attract the ire of every woman that happens to see you. Leave this numbers in the store window. The imagination can be powerful but the real thing is a whole different story.


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