Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Italian Handbags for Fall / Winter 2007 / 2008 – Armani

The sales of summer fashion have begun. Shortly fall and winter items will appear. The summer handbag fashion was about soft fabrics with country textiles and antique patterns. The fall winter handbag fashion is refined with polished leathers and shiny reptile skins. It is as if the handbag is represents leaving the provincial summer homes and farms to return to the sophistication of the big city. The summer handbags are not very structured, easily bent or folded while the fall winter handbags could easily be mistaken for a family doctor’s handbag from another time if they were not made of the softest leathers.

Armani has just presented his two, top of the line, women’s handbags for fall winter 2008. They are elegant and sleek. They retain the large dimensions of the softer cloth bags. The Bau is a large bag of polished leather with polished brass fittings. It is rectangular in form, almost boxy.

The Venus bag tries to embody the beauty its name implies. Still a large bag but with rounded corners and sleek lines. The varnished blue Python skin is elegance defined. The shape is an elongated rectangle increasing the internal capacity. I think Armani is saying that he is tending toward the glamorous look of Grace Kelly and Elisabeth Taylor.
Both bags have a very large addressable market. They have a basic theme of youth and vibrancy with the elegance of pearls. They are the joy of many a woman. When she saw how large these purse are, Raffaella simply exclaimed, “WOW!” Armani will be expensive but one of these purses may be the only one you want to carry. Perhaps spending more will result in spending less.

For the men out there these are a perfect gift. This is one time where we cannot go wrong. Who knows our lovely ladies may even reevaluate our sense of style.


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Blogger oregongal said...

Nice article. I love handbags - especially Kate Spade.

11:14 PM

Anonymous Evening bags said...

First of all i love soft fabrics, especially soft leathers that feel like butter!
I find them very comfortable as well as beautiful!
I really like the doctor’s handbag. I would love to own one of these!

The Venus bag is also stunning. It definitely lives up to its name.

Wonderful post!

2:57 AM


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