Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Armani Prive’ – Women’s Fashion Fall Winter 2007 2008

An interesting tendency has developed on the streets of Milan. The hottest accessory is a large bag purse in fabrics simulating metals. They are gold, silver, platinum. They are bright and shiny, very futuristic. This creates a problem. Last seasons Women’s Winter fashion was retro 50s, 60s, and 70s. How will this play out in the upcoming Women’s Fall and Winter Fashion?

Glancing through the Armani Prive’ designs for Women’s Fall Winter 2007 2008 I was truly astounded. The fabrics and designs, while picking up on the retro look, incorporate sleek, shiny, futuristic details. Either today’s woman has an uncanny sense of fashion tendencies or the designers are all in sink. Perhaps the truth is a little of both.

Another interesting characteristic of the Fall Winter designs is the importance of the decolte. While I love to see skin, Fall Winter just does not seem right. Perhaps because Raffaella and I spend hours talking about how cold it will be, does the place have air conditioning, and how many layers of clothing she has to put on both in winter and summer. She has now named herself Shrek, “Ogres are like onions…”

Perhaps Armani knows women well. Another part of the line is dedicate to form fitting jackets to go along with flowing skirts. This may be his way to say, “I know it is cold, wear this jacket over the top and then take it off when things warm up. Either way you will look fantastic.”

The Armani Prive’ Women’s Fall Winter 2007 2008 fashion is full of some marvelous outfits. It is worth a look. These final designs are the outfits I believe Raffaella would love.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post! Metallic is very big this year and all the designers are doing it. I too wonder how this will carry over to future seasons. Armani does understand a true woman's taste though, doesn't he. These are gorgeous!

11:32 AM


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