Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Valentino & Wolford – Top Women’s designers make a deal for exclusive fashion

I have long wanted to write about Wolford stockings. Raffaella introduced me to Wolford and after numerous afternoons spent in the foyer of the Wolford store in Rome or Milan I have learned to appreciate the intricate designs, fine weaves and luxurious silks and satins used by the Austrian house. Of course it is not the stockings themselves that I appreciate but they way they caress and accentuate a beautiful pair of legs. Wolford has recently signed on with Valentino RED to design a series of stockings and body suits with the top line designer. The cooperative agreement will last for 2 seasons and will be available from July 2007.

There goes my bank account!

The president of Wolford, Holger Dahmen, expressed his satisfaction regarding the agreement, “With this stupendous collection, result of the cooperation with Valentino, we intend to satisfy the requests of a clientele demanding and fashion savvy who is looking for an exclusive design and the highest quality.”

Valentino commented, “Since my first designs I have employed unique and elaborate stockings: embroidered, printed with vibrant colors or decorated in various ways. Stocking are an important element in the looks I create and I am very happy to be able to offer them to women, thanks to this agreement with a premier producer of women’s stockings like Wolford who is able to translate my ideas and vision in unique products of the highest quality.”

Stocking, lingerie and designer clothes just seem like a natural fit together so I would only why it took them so long. Valentino brings refined, classic and clean details to the quality products of Wolford. He incorporates bows, ruffles, pois and plissé to perfectly accentuate a woman’s femininity. The familiar colors of black and ivory, along with the traditional Valentino Red, emphasize intricate designs, comfortable and flattering fabrics. The entire line is purely feminine, with a touch of sobriety, making these designs perfect for both work and pleasure.

You can find the new Valentino-Wolford line beginning in July 2007 at Wolford or Valentino stores and later in the year at Neiman Marcus.

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