Friday, May 04, 2007

Trussardi Women’s Beach Fashion Spring Summer 2007

Women’s summer fashion and women’s beach fashion often become the same thing in the mind of Italian designers. Perhaps they have the idea that women should spend the summer on vacation, in exotic locations, catching rays and generally enjoying life. I am all for that one, not only for women. Trussardi’s line has always been part of my personal wardrobe while rarely I will say that Trussardi is my favorite designer in any particular season. Somehow the designs are wearable. They just seem to fit with other things. They are the perfect compliment. Strangely enough, Trussardi seems to be very affordable. Trussardi’s creations are found, not just in the high-end stores, but also in numerous medium priced establishments, often without any special annotation. The women’s collection is no different.

Spring temperatures in the 70s across the Italian peninsula create the desire for endless days on the beach but do not support, except for a few hours in the afternoon, the almost nude attire of the bikini. Some designers use large silk or cotton shawl wraps or light jackets made of the same pattern and the bathing suit to transform the beach attire to appropriate coverings around town. Trussardi seems to have designed the entire line to go quickly from the boardwalk to the city square.

The first designs are cool enough to walk on the warm sands and feel the salted breeze on the skin. As the sun sets just pull these wraps, tie the belt, and it’s off to shopping or aperitivi.

Not everyone has the luxury to spend the entire summer on the coast but this should not keep you from having some fun outfits. The darker fabrics, obviously with contrasting belts, give an air of sobriety yet the designs are definitely summer fun. Keep a box of sand in the car and wear sandals and these outfits will help you live a vacation dream while slaving away in the city.

Let’s say instead that your dream is of summer fields in the hills of Umbria or perhaps in the nightclubs of Rimini. How about tight fitting slacks with patterns of summer flowers or printed floral designs and a yacht club sailor’s jacket.

Sure, it is better to spend the summer on the beach or vacationing in green fields but for those who have to work, why not make life a little more fun? Everyone else will surely be wearing Khaki colored, Bermuda shorts and printed T-shirts. You can be, at least in your mind, 5,000 miles away on the beaches of Italy.

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Blogger Annika said...

oh I like!!! Give me some, please! :)

1:15 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Annika I know you would look great in these! Raffaella lovers the first set and the silver pants.

3:56 PM


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