Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Women’s Fashion Accessories Spring Summer 2007 – Spikes!!!

Those who read regularly know that I love women’s shoes, more specifically, spikes. heels cannot be too high or too slim. I understand the precarious balance between beauty and comfort, or even stability. Still, heels are the most important accessory in women’s fashion. Let’s face it ladies, women dress for men. Even women who want have one up on other women do it because they want to be desired. It gives you power. Sex appeal is one of the most powerful weapons in society, even without the sexual tension. Just think, a good looking man with a nice smile gets things faster, cheaper and with better service than the potbellied, balding accountant wearing a wrinkled short sleeved shirt. The same goes for young, curvy, long legged women wearing a pair of spikes.

Much to my pleasure, spikes are still hot this year. Many styles are available from the contemporary Emporio Armani (lead photograph) to the more classical Bruno Magli, the common factor is the nosebleed heights. Just about everything is 3 inches and higher. Here are a few models to satisfy just about every woman’s style. If only relationships were as easily rewarding. Long live the spike and those long legs.


The best and softest leathers, molded and formed by artisan masters, are the ingredients of the Ghetta Sandal. A petit ankle belt dresses the leg without stockings. This creation is already a cult in Milan.


Not my favorites, because of the larger heels, but still great. These little sparkles are making the rounds on the evening circuit with miniskirts and flowing silks. Their Jetson’s futuristic look in an interesting contrast to the 60s fashion tendencies.

Emporio Armani

Whether it is Giorgio or Emporio, Armani is always Armani. Spikes, beloved spikes, are the protagonists. The colors are bright and shiny with gold pins and latches. No foot with a pair of these will go unnoticed.

Bruno Magli

One of the few Artisan houses that always has heels and spikes in its portfolio, even when heels are not in fashion. Their passion shows with this classic peep toe Adelaide, finished with a soft leather bow. Magli is a “must have” for any wardrobe. They are the secret weapon for any important occasion.

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Blogger ChickyBabe said...

I admit that is one sexy shoe! (the top one) I love the back and on manicured toes... I'm sold!

2:33 AM

Blogger Lexcen said...

A pair of shoes for every outfit and an outfit for every pair of shoes. Different shoes for different seasons. Then of course the handbags...they must match the shoes and vice versa. A woman's shopping is never done.

12:06 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

ChickyBabe I love a sexy shoe....

Lexcen but what fun watching them work!

2:51 PM

Blogger Doll Face said...

I'll take the black one and the beige :-)

12:50 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Natalie Sexy and classic!

6:40 PM


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