Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Moschino – Italian Women’s Fashion Spring Summer 2007

Moschino Italian Women’s Pret a Porter Spring Summer Fashion 2007.

“Why is it that you always write about the more expensive designers? Not everyone can afford High Fashion.”
This was the discussion on Sunday while I was showing Raffaella the photographs for today’s article. So I pulled out the CDs and flipped through this year’s shows. In the search I found many interesting pieces but I write only about what I like so ladies, Heeeerrrz Moschino!

The Moschino Spring Summer 2007 line takes its primary designs and fabrics from the 1950s. The colors range from bright reds and sky blues to deep earth tones. The darker fabrics contain shiny highlights of silks and satins while the bright colors are vibrant with elaborate patterns on white backgrounds. The formal black outfits are balanced with satin bows or embroidered lace. Moschino also sees the future economy positively with nosebleed high hemlines. Open toe sandals with Roman or Greek ankle laces complete the look.

The bright red cotton outfits are light and airy. The design is young and full of life. Big purses and oversized hats easily mix and match with the clean lines. While the skirts or shorts are relatively short they still maintain an aura of office attire for the woman confident of her femininity.

The darker outfits somehow seem out of place. The more austere look with the miniskirt or long dress split to the navel are intriguing but somehow I just cannot visualize them in an appropriate atmosphere. Perhaps the would work for early evening drinks but still it seems a bit much just for a of couple hours during the day.

The more casual light blue scheme are perfect for the vacation or just running around on the weekend. I like the short overcoat with the skirt that reminds me of an Elisabeth Taylor look from back in the day. The slacks and silk blouse are extremely versatile making this a must have outfit for just about any casual occasion where it is important to look your best.

The bathing suits are fun. I do not think Raffaella would ever wear them because they are not the best for catching some rays however they are different enough to give a playful air perhaps setting you apart on the skin dominated beach.

The black outfits are the most versatile during normal life. They can easily go from the office to the evening. If the choice is one outfit the pantsuit is probably the best but I find the black dress with the satin tie extremely sexy. The black lace top dress is also ok but would be more of a cocktail than an all around little black thing kept in the closet as a secret weapon.

These outfits are more expensive than what you will find at your local department store but quality always pays over time. These outfits will last over time and the designs will always be leading edge of the fashion scene. I am not saying that your entire wardrobe needs to be made up of designer clothes but a couple of special outfits for those important occasions is always a good thing. Remember Dress For Success; You are what you wear.

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Blogger Tracie P. said...

you are what you wear? i must be a sale rack :)

9:32 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Tracie b. Whether we like it or not, others do "judge" us by our appearance. It is not about how much you spend instead, about how you look in the clothes. Even though you say you're a sale rack I'll bet you are a million dollar baby!

4:55 AM


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