Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just Cavalli Woman’s Fashion Spring Summer 2007

The Just Cavalli designs of Woman’s Fashion for Spring and Summer 2007 is quite provocative. Bright colors and vibrant patterns on short shorts or flowing outfits dominate the line. The fabrics are light cottons and silk accentuating the natural curves of the feminine body. The casual vacation wear picks up some of puffy balloon hems of the late seventies and the prints remind me of the eighties scenic art. The bathing suites are definitely not my style tending toward the dominatrix straps in cotton but the cover shawls and aprons are sensual even if a bit too transparent to be worn without a bathing suit underneath. There are also some really unusual things in this line so be selective.

Just a word about the cover photograph, I find this outfit marvelous. I am not sure if you could ever wear it. If one of my readers buys this and has the personality to pull it off, please publish a picture.

The pants are definitely worth looking at. Raffaella has several pairs of the scenic designs that she purchased in years past. Still today when she sports these casually chic slacks she gets noticed. While they are not “one of a kind prints”, it will be difficult for someone else to have a similar pair. These pants also are dual purpose; they work well in very casual situations and in most casual business environments. The blouse will then take the slacks from a weekend fun to a more formal occasion.

Shorts dominate the Just Cavalli Spring and Summer 2007 line. I guess this is the pants version of the rising hemlines in the skirts. With these designs Cavalli is saying that he is seeing an economic boom. The shorts and tops remind me of the latest Daisy Duke look with a slight difference. The shorts are very structured, not cut-offs, and rather loose fitting. This will allow most women to get away with a couple of extra pounds that may linger after the winter festivities. Italian women are already stressing over the orange peel deposits on the upper legs. Remember the best why to fight the cellulite is with lots of squats. Crash diets will actually increase the problem. Try 10 minutes of squats every day, with not weight, and in a couple of weeks you will be admiring some of the most sensual legs in the city.

I love the throws. They are light and colorful. Somehow they fall in just the right way creating a sexy and fun look. I noticed that they are also rather transparent. Their purpose is to give an air of being dressed while coming away from the pool or beach. While they are truly beautiful this is probably the best way use these outfits.

A word about accessories, the bags are from the late sixties, big and soft. The shoes are the Egyptian or Roman sandals with cloth or soft leather ties, crisscrossing the ankle. Most of the shoes are wedges with about 3 inches maximum lift.


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Blogger Tracie B. said...

i guess there are SOME people out there that can afford to use their cavalli as a cover-up...just ain't me ;)

1:32 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Tracie b. How 'bout them slacks! (a little slang since your in Texas)

2:50 PM


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