Monday, February 19, 2007

Italian Women’s Pret a Porter Fashion Spring-Summer 2007 – Mila Schon

A woman’s beauty is dangerously powerful in its own right. When combined with fashion designs that accentuate the femininity the men of the world might as well give up without attempting a fight. In the words of a SCI FI character, “Resistance is futile!” Milan Schon’s 2007 Spring Summer fashions should be on the list of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Mila Schon woman is mysterious and fascinating. She is feminine and powerful. She is more a goddess than a queen.

The softer side is not forgotten. Colors are precious metals and pastels. Fabrics are soft and veils play the game of silhouette, “see, can’t see.” The Mila Schon woman is the urban legend. She is a mix of confidence, beauty, femininity, aggression and playful submission.

The business wear is seductively professional, sporting structured, clean lines and slick fabrics. I can see the Mila Schon business designs appropriate for any office environment. They maintain their feminine touch, elongating the body, with just a hint of austerity.

Mila Schon Spring Summer 2007 designs then progress into a truly deadly combination that becomes Femme Fatal. The designs have curves in just the right places, folds, luxurious colors and fabrics, and a clearly visible décolleté. It is probably a good thing that not many women will wear this to the office here in the US. While I am positive that office attendance would increase, productivity would most likely be down.

The line is not limited to the office or a night on the town. The cocktail dresses are equally lethal. The fabrics are chiffon and silks. Soft folds and ruffles dominate the look. The curved and rising hemlines are just what guys like me needed to walk around with our tongues on the floor. Just thinking about enjoying a glass Prosecco at the sidewalk café while my Raffaella walks toward the table in one of these is enough to make my head spin.


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Blogger Miss Natalie said...

I'm torn betweeen the red and the green, both so beautiful!

I've never heard of this designer - I'll have to look her up :-)

4:27 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Natalie I guess you got that I really like this line.

Mila Schon does some marvelous designs year after year. I guess I need to work on the shopping guide to help people find the sales points.

12:30 PM


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