Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Calabria – Family and Tradition

Italian Wine Guy wrote a beautiful article on his blog about his first encounter with his family and traditions. The article eloquently expresses the concepts of the balanced life and culture. His experience, meeting his extended family, on the ancestral lands is an intriguing trip of emotions, perceptions, and values.

For a very interesting read and a look into the past that makes us what we are please check out his site.


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Blogger xianfu said...

wine???... nice.. interesting blog here...It got me addicted on reading it.. Keep it up.. leave me some comment too at my blog InvernoKL wanna have ur words on it.. :p take care, xian

6:55 AM

Blogger Peace said...

Hi, that is an interesting article indeed.

7:31 AM

Anonymous Dino De Laurentis said...

who's that handsome guy?

10:12 AM


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