Saturday, January 28, 2006

Barbaresco Pora’ Reserve – Produttori del Barbaresco

Several weeks ago I found out that a good friend of mine was coming to Dallas. Aldo Vacca is the President of the consortium of producers of Barbaresco, “Produttori del Barbaresco”. He comes to the States on a regular basis to promote his wines. Fortunately I was able to participate in the wine tasting.

Produttori del Barbaresco” was founded in 1958 by the local priest following WWII. Initially there were 15 farm owners, while today the group comprises 60 different producers. Their primary objective is to guarantee the quality of Barbaresco wines. They are definitely doing a good job. Although they do not have tremendous distribution here in the States, Aldo is doing everything he can to get the US distributor to make this wine more available.

Generally, the wines of “Produttori del Barbaresco” have a very good price quality relationship. Priced from 20 to 40 dollars a bottle they drink like a 50+ dollar wine. Of the 5 wines I tried I found one to be exceptional. As I tasted the wine I found a great complexity of flavors and an underlying hint of one of my favorite wines “il Refosco” produced by Ronchi di Cialla. Pora’ is a reserve Barbaresco and I highly recommend this wine for any special occasion. It is a bit more expensive, 35 to 45 dollars, but this is a reserve and worth the extra price.

“Il Pora’” is produced from 100% nebbiolo grown in the town of the same name. Each year there are about 15-20 thousand bottles produced each year. This is an exclusive product of the “Produttori del Barbaresco”. To produce this wine the initial fermentation occurs in 21 days and is “stirred” 3 times a day. Aging is 36 month in Ash barrels followed by 8 months in the bottle. I tried the 1998 and felt it was still a bit young in fact this wine can be aged for 18-20 years depending on the year of production.

Pora’ is ruby red in color with orange highlights around the border of the glass. The bouquet is balanced with a distinct note of tannins and exotic spices. Allow the wine to release its flavor after pouring. You can stick your nose in the glass if you desire but you will still perceive the tones by simply smelling the wine from above the glass with slow deep breaths. Take several sniffs and wait at least 5 minutes in the glass before drinking.

Small amounts are perfect to appreciate Pora’. Intense in a wide range of flavors, the first sip evidences the long period in the wood barrels. Dry yet very smooth with a warmth that surrounds you, this wine begins with flavors of mature fruit to then explode with exotic spices. This wine is perfect with savory first plates, red and white meats, and most cheese.

If you spend your vacation in Alba for the “Fiera del Tartufo” you can spend the final week in Barbaresco for the Fair of Barbesco held the following week. Various wineries will be present but make sure you save 4 or 5 hours to visit “Produttori del Barbaresco, it is well worth your time and make sure you send my best wishes to Aldo.



Blogger eV said...

Don't know much about Italian travel, but I do dig the men! LOL!

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Blogger Travel Italy said...

I understand, I love Italian women.

5:47 AM

Blogger 淑美 said...

hey david

thanks for dropping by at my blog!
You are most welcome to come again!

Haha...yes there's tiger beer! wasn't in the pic..

sook mei

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Woot Woot!

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I will have to get some il Refosco asap ty!

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Thanks for the greetings!

The Olympics start in about 2 weeks and should be seeing alot of this area.


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Blogger Italian Wine Guy® said...

Thanks for the Good Words about Barbaresco....Alfonso

5:08 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Italian Wine Guy - As you know, Barbaresco is one of the greatest grapes in Italy. It has a wide range of pricing and just about all of it is fantastic!!!

A Vini Italiani!!!

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