Monday, October 31, 2005

Service Note

Tomorrow begins the “Write a Book in a Month Contest” sponsored by NANOWRIMO ORG . I have spent the last couple of days getting the site ready so I can dedicate my time to exclusively to writing about Italy, food wine, friends and good times. If you are interested in following this without having to remember the website I have included some buttons, on the right of the page, that will allow you to insert the headlines directly into your MSN, AOL, or YAHOO home pages. Just click on the appropriate button for your service provider and a new box will open up at the bottom of your MY Yahoo, MSN, or AOL page. The last 3 headlines will appear and you can decide if you want to read the article or not.

I will also be creating an index page, in the near future, breaking down the articles by subject matter, city, and period of time.

I think this will be fun so check back often and please let me know what you think!


Blogger Lorianne said...

So, you're NaNo'ing a travel narrative about Italy? What fun!!

4:17 AM


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