Saturday, February 23, 2008

La Perla – Bathing suites 2008 for Italian Beaches

Every year I have the opportunity to present a couple of beachwear designers. La Perla is known for its exclusive lingerie but the bathing suites and throws are none less titillating. Last year was all about bright colors. The 2008 line is soft fabrics with exotic prints. The natural tone colors almost disappear against a well tanned body. Most top and bottom sets combine complimentary colors. Subdued natural tones intertwine with bright natural coral and sea colors.

In line with the 60s look these suites do not offer support. They adorn more than shape. They are also somewhat skimpy and will not leave much to the imagination.

The exceptions have veil like bands that can be tied down the middle or cross-tied.

The solid color versions are finished with gold and silver metal borders. They are a more traditional look for the less eclectic.

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Blogger Italiana Americana said...

hi! thats awesome. I'm in love with la perla swimwear and I'm studying in bologna italy do you know if I could possibly get a factory tour? thanks!

2:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have no bust this is good swimwear as the models clearly show you.

11:22 AM

Anonymous beth said...

That's awesome. Enjoyed it. going to fetch a glass of wine to enjoy it further.

3:03 AM


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