Monday, January 21, 2008

Emilio Pucci – Women’s Fashion Spring-Summer 2008

The winter doldrums are fading. The days are getting longer and the overcast skies are slowly giving way to Spring temperatures. This is not to say that the bitter cold has ceded to spring flowers but signs of the changing seasons are on the horizon even as we await the “Days of the Merla”. The store fronts are changing. Panettone makes its last appearance with San Biagio. Fur coats and heavy sweaters give way to lighter cloths and colorful outfits. The fashion based economic indicator forebodes a flailing economy as hemlines inch down toward the knee.

I enjoy Emilio Pucci’s outfits. They are the perfect cure for the Winter Blues. He combines colors in a unique way and always has something that requires a second look. The 2007 Collection was 60s with form hugging designs. The 2008 line could be used in the “That 70s Show”. The fabrics are soft and subtle but the cut is square. For those who appreciate the hourglass look, belts will do the trick.

The colors are marvelously vibrant. The prints are a kaleidoscope of blocked geometric figures. Perhaps this means that Bridge Over Troubled Waters will soon be playing in the background of every party.

He also has a Kimono series that leans toward the Mama Cass look. This line can easily be worn by the bigger woman. In Italian style, the outfits accentuate the femininity without evidencing various parts that may be disproportionate.

There is even something for the John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever, Disco fans. Pucci presents some beautiful large tube dresses made with all the sparkles and Satin you could ever want. They are a black light’s companion.

Remember even in the toughest of economic times every woman must have one new quality outfit for every season. Skimp on quantity, not on quality. You are worth every penny!

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