Monday, October 01, 2007

Just Cavalli Women’s Fashion Fall/Winter 2007/2008 – How not to design Women’s Clothes

I usually do not write about things I do not like but two designers caught my attention. This season’s most horrendous goes to John Galliano. I think he was trying for the aggressive gothic look and got outfits for Halloween’s worst Horror House. Not to be outdone by the Spanish designer Just Cavalli decided to test the confines of taste. If it were not for the fur boots or collars I would have thought about this as a summer line. Some outfits tend more toward baby doll pajamas than something that should be worn outside the home. Sometimes a designer accentuates the colors or the fabrics but both are dreary in this line. Perhaps cost cutting resulted in a brain drain.

Nice outfit but didn’t we did say this is the Fall Winter collection?

I guess the fluffed corduroy makes it winter wear.

The blimp nighty-night look.

Please do not wear these.

Ok, not all is bad. I really like the slinky pants with the silk combo fabrics. Check out the boots. The shoes are all pretty hot, perhaps the best things in the collection.

Finally to end on a frivolous note, it may be my male mindset set but doesn’t this outfit have a phallic something about it?


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