Monday, October 29, 2007

Hairstyles from Paris to Milan – Fall Winter 2007-2008

The hairstylist at Jean Louis David and their art director Franck Pérez came to Milan to prepare five hairstyles representing this year’s hottest cuts. The models are five normal women. Beautiful ladies who study, work, and live normal lives. They are not professional models. Franck Perez talked with each woman to find out who she is and where she wants to go in life. He then adapted the current fashion cuts to represent the image that each woman desired to present. This is one of the secrets of fashion, great food, or great wine, an experienced artisan adding his fantasy and imagination to make something unique.

Loretta (lead photo) is one of the millions of women who you would find in your office. Not one you would say is a stunning beauty but a pretty girl. As happens with many women her normal care does not accentuate her physical qualities. Franck Perez set her up with hair extensions and just a bit of color. The look is successful. A few hours with a professional who cares about his work really makes a difference turning this normal co-worker into a pretty hot babe.

Lucia is the youngest of the bunch. Her big brown eyes make you think she is somehow timid or quiet. The opposite is true. She is full of energy and fight. She is a small girl and her dark black full-bodied head of hair makes her look even smaller. The art designer decided a cut that would frame her face and accent her eyes. To lengthen her figure he added highlights.

Maria is a middle aged woman in her early fifties. She is full of energy and wants to look her best. For her, a short and sassy look was the choice. Time takes its toll on the face but that does not mean that a woman cannot play this to her advantage. The difference between old and mysterious may be simply hair color. Too light and it will tend toward gray while too dark might evidence skin imperfections. Dishwater blond seems to work well.

Lucia Pia is the girl you would never think about. She lives in a small town, works as a paralegal, is highly involved in her church activities and would love to be a kindergarten teacher. She wants to live a fantasy, at least for one day, of the sensual vamp all men notice. The style is wild, big curls softly unwinding in a certain disorder.

Patrizia is a university student studying to be a pharmacist. Her friends think she is the image of Mediterranean beauty comparing her with a young Monica Bellucci. She comes from a traditional family and they want her to forget these worldly things and concentrate on her studies. For her an aggressive look from the fashion shows of Milan. It suites her young style well.

This experiment, sponsored by an Italian women’s magazine and the coiffeurs from Jean Louis David, shows that a little attention to detail and a couple of hours a month can allow any woman to express the best of who she really is.


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