Friday, September 28, 2007

Women’s Accessories Fall/Winter 2007/2008 Italian Shoes – The Flying Wedge

We have seen the sexy boots and the Retro Peter Pan boots for the Women’s Fall/Winter 2007/2008 scene. The Décolleté fills the largest segment of the market. The 70s theme finds its way into this year’s design. The platform, or wedge, is the protagonist. These shoes are more comfortable than spikes and women who cannot walk on high, elevated heels can shuffle around on the wedge. The wedge usually includes a platform giving an extra inch or so to even the shortest of legs. All this said when I see them I keep expecting a jet engine to fire up and to see these babies take flight pulling the unsuspecting passenger flopping into the air.

Wedges are too heavy. They may be light as a feather but they seem to increase the mass of the foot destroying the perfect balance of the female body. Alas, they are the latest thing. Women are already clumping down the streets of Milan. Fratelli Rossetti makes the platform wedge in the lead photo. Suede is very big both in the wedges and tradition spikes this year. He adds a neatly pressed bow and bright colors. They can be found in Milan for 280 Euro.

Rossetti also remembers some of its more classical customers with a patent leather with reverse stitching 9 centimeter heel. An ankle belt adds a hint of aggressive while serving to hold the foot in place keeping the heel from slipping into the front of the shoe. The classier design is not more expensive coming in at 280 Euro like its stealth bomber counterpart.

You and Me stays with the suede look. They offer a 10 centimeter spike with embellished borders and a patent leather ankle belt. You and Me prices much less than the Rossetti at only 150 Euro.

Vic Matie’ combines the design of the classical spike with the 70s wedge. The polished leather shoe with a 10 centimeter spherical heel sits on top of a 3 centimeter platform. To limit slipping and sliding while walking on air the sole is slightly ridged to give greater traction. The Vic Matie’ prices at 199 Euro.

Vicini presents a shoe that could easily be a design from the storage warehouse. Suede leather with reverse stitching make this a “That’s 70s show” favorite. This is a full wedge with a foam sole.


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