Thursday, September 27, 2007

Women’s Accessories Fall/Winter 2007/2008 Italian Shoes – Retro Peter Pan Boots

Fashion on the streets often surprises the experts. Without a doubt most designs by the established stylists are successes. This only accounts for about 10% of the fashion scene. The other 90% decides what will be hot and what is not. Fashion in the street, many years, is just outside of my capabilities to comprehend. As a mortal man I subject my opinion to my goddess. If she says it is a must have I can only agree. I think over the years she has learned how not to hurt my feelings. She knows what I like and what I abhor. She will find what she likes and not express a strong opinion.

This is the case with the Retro Peter Pan boots making their appearance in the offices. The only things missing from these babies are the floppy wings that make the collar. What I find most interesting is that the designers consider this style “masculine!” Perhaps in the days of Men at Work someone would have considered these masculine but “not on my watch, Mr. Tibbs.”

I usually do not include prices but with the Internet you may be able to find some of these boots online or in your local store. In Italy, all prices include a 20% Ad Valorum Tax. The price you see is the price you pay.

The shoes in lead photograph are Lea Foscati. Polished leather, buttons, belt and 9 centimeter spikes are the characteristics. Currently you can find them in Milan for 159 Euro.

Furla also includes the side buttons. Patent leather, in various primary colors and 10 centimeter square spikes define these shoes. They are more expensive at 340 Euro.

Janet & Janet makes the Peter Pan par excellence. They are round top cut with a frontal zipper to avoid slipping on the 8 centimeter heels. They can be picked up for just 155 Euro.

Kalliste’ also uses the front zipper. They are also interesting because of the patent leather with suede insets. The 9 centimeter spikes are nice. The colors offered are quite unique. In the photograph the shoes are between Acqua Marine and Forest Green. They can be picked up for 274 Euro.

Roberto De Carlo must have been doing something or someone when he chose the colors for this one. I am not sure if it is Hot Pink or Blood Purple. Either way you can find these expressions of the imaginary mind for 290 Euro.


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