Monday, August 13, 2007

Italian Sunglasses 2007

“Tutti al mare, a mostrar le chiappe chiare!” Ferragosto is at hand and the Italians have deserted the cities for the beaches, the mountains and the province. The heat is unbearable and the sun is hot. An accessory that no respecting Italian will be without during the romps on the beach is a pair of sunglasses. When the clothes are reduced to a minimum and shoes turn into sandals the sunglasses may be the only fashion statement one can make.

Many will say they are health conscious. They will insist that the sun hurts there eyes, and for some this is true but that does not change the fact that many will spend several day’s pay and a couple of hours looking for just the right pair of glasses to filter the rays and create an aura of mystery. Italian designers use the same intensity to design their sunglasses as they do their trademark outfits. Each line represents the designer’s conception of balance, color and grace.

I wear Armani. I like the broader frames and the dark lenses. They give me a feeling of stability, something that will not break when a moment’s distraction sends them to the floor. Raffaella wears Gucci. She loves the deep dark lenses. The sun always bothers her eyes and she is very, very picky about her lenses. The fact that they also look really good is a great plus.

Versace has moved toward a thin or wire frame with lighter lenses and various colors. The Versace sunglasses take on more a futuristic look than actually reducing the sun’s glare.

Laura Biagiotti remains true to form playing with bright colors. Her designs are contemporary, perfect adaptations for the under 30 crowd. Feminine versions may also be adorned with crystals imbedded in the upper support or gold and silver highlights.

Gianfranco Ferre’ develops the futuristic look with a series that could be worn by the new James Bond. Sleek lines and moderate tints are his idea of the perfect pair of sunglasses.

These are my favorites of the summer’s fashion. They are the first look at the sunglasses that will continue through the winter when the sun’s glare is exaggerated by the first snows.


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Now, David, I have been meaning to ask you. What classifies as hot in Italy?

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