Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ferragosto 2007 – Buon Ferragosto!

Americans do not feel it but there is a desire to relax sweeping across Italy. It is Ferragosto. The companies have been closed for about a week now and the 15th of August is known as the hottest and laziest day of the year. The cities are empty. Turta de Lac is in the oven and Tortelli Cremaschi abound. I too, want to escape. Just getting dressed in the morning is a chore. It is time for a short vacation, a few days to recharge the batteries.

September springs back to life with uncommon vigor. So much to do and so little time. The fashion scene will be the mainstay. October brings technology and wine. November means chestnuts, mushrooms and tartufo. December, all of December, is holiday.

A couple of days my readers will forgive me. Take some time for yourself while the sun bakes the earth and I will see you again this weekend. Buon Ferragosto!


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Blogger Dianne said...

Enjoy your break! You deserve it! For that very reason I'm planning a short break of my own in a couple of weeks!


9:42 AM

Blogger Jon said...

I was in Milano Marittema on the Adriatic Coast for Ferragosto in 2005. Man did I have a fun weekend. Hoping to go back in '08

2:34 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Dianne Thank you. Have a great Ferragosto.

Jon I wish I had been there instead of boiling under the Texas sun. Perhaps I will see you in 08.

2:47 PM


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