Monday, August 27, 2007

Blue Marine – Italian Women’s Fashion Fall/Winter 2007/2008

One of the tendencies in the Fall/Winter 2007/2008 Women’s Fashion is the oversized lines and bulky fabrics. I was pleased to find that Blue Marine is not following that trend. The lines are sleek and sensual but the thing that caught my attention is color. The designers at Blue Marine seem to have dedicated their efforts to find a combination of fabrics and intense colors. Blue Marine is using beautiful full bodied colors on the distinct look of silk and silk weaves. Check out the details in the fabrics. They are not immediately identifiable but a close look evidences embroidered seam lines.

It does not appear that they presented more than 5 distinct outfits. The differentiation comes in the fabrics and color. The various colors and textures create different sensations and become unique outfits.

The lines are very clean and traditional. They accentuate a woman’s femininity. They emanate both style and sensuality straddling the line between office and evening attire. Blue Marine takes the office wear into the evening with the addition of opera gloves and the same outfit becomes an expression of grace.

To the downside they also experimented with some feline pelt prints making the same outfits very aggressive. The first thing that comes to mind is, “…she’s a man eater…” I am not sure whether I really like them or not but the get my attention.

The pinnacle of the line will most likely go unnoticed for its simplicity and seemingly lack of uniqueness. Blue Marine has taken the long dress into the realm of contemporary design. They have created the gothic heroine through the neck collar and the form fitted bust and waist. The knee-high slits result in both mobility and an air of provocation.

This is an interesting line, a play on texture and color.


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