Tuesday, July 17, 2007

La Perla - Lingerie meets Jeans Fall / Winter 2007 / 2008

La Perla is the “crem della crem” of intimate apparel and swimsuits. It is a quality version of Victoria’s Secret. Their fabrics are silks and refined linen. Their designs define femininity. They understand the subconscious attraction of a woman’s shape. They design their wear to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty instead of masking it. I usually will not write about the next season’s wear until it is on the street. Sometimes stylists lose their compass and present outfits that cannot be worn or, when worn by you and me, are horrendous. La Perla is worthy of an exception.

La Perla presents three lines of jeans for the Fall Winter 2007 / 2008 seasons. Spikes accompany the elegant and seductive Uptown Jeans. The Perfect Jeans are for every occasion and every woman with a special cut to “lift and separate” to use another producers slogan. The Jeans Addiction line is a series of unique and personalized fabrics and attention to detail.

It is not an easy to transform jeans into evening attire for a cocktail party. La Perla accomplishes this feat in their Uptown line with what would be called skinny jeans. A long straight leg cut designed to be worn with 2+ inch spikes. The jeans fabric is softened and cut to cuddle a woman’s figure while elongating the legs. These jeans are not for every woman. They are designed for the thin to medium frame.

A pair of jeans designed to accentuate a woman’s sexuality. It seems to be an oxymoron but La Perla has brought decades of experience in designing Lingerie to a pair of jeans. The cut is comfortable and forming while the fabric is softened. These jeans are not for the formal occasions but will work perfect for after dinner drinks or a night on the town where you want to have a little advantage over the other beautiful ladies in the group. While jeans, or pants in general, are not appropriate for all sizes the Perfect Jeans will be a great compliment for most women.

Sometimes the cut is not enough. We want to have something unique. An unusual design or pattern will make even the most inattentive person take a double look. The Jeans Addictive have the perfect cut with unique patterns an attention to detail. Some may be embroidered while others are cross-stitched. No matter what the pattern a woman with a pair of Jeans Addiction will have a unique product. These are the jeans that everyone asks, “Where did you buy those jeans?”


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