Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Love Sex Money – Innovative young designer from Carpi

Love Sex Money is a provocative name whose designs live up to the label. The young designer, from the area around Modena, presented the Women's Spring and Summer collection for 2007. It has captured the imagination of the 20 something crowd of Milan. The line was first presented at the Bread & Butter show in Barcellona last year. The style is contemporary and as aggressive as the name. I believed it would be a tough sell into the real market of everyday Italians. I was proven wrong.

The brand from Carpi has penetrated the stores from Corso Buenos Aires to Corso Vercelli. The line is made up of everyday wear and has a complete workout line. Love Sex Money is provocative and rebellious, just like its name. It embodies the young woman who is wants to be noticed but not necessarily stand out. The colors combinations are black, black and white, and red. The blouses hint of sexy lingerie. The linen slacks are the seaman’s knee length. I do not like the black knickers and black hose combination but tanned skin is a great fix. The jackets are perfect for a casual office attire and the slinky dress is great for cocktails.

Check out this little known designer. The designs are great and the prices very reasonable.


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