Monday, June 04, 2007

Car Shoe – Travel shoes by Prada opens in Capri

A passion for motor sports nurtured by an artisan shoemaker led to one of the most comfortable and now prestigious shoes available today. Gianni Mostile handcrafted shoes in the town of Vigevano, outside of Milan. In 1963 his two passions came together to create a business. Hand sewn moccasins, made of the finest leather, with a rubber sole designed to give the driver maximum comfort and control while driving. The shoes are favorites among world’s elite including Gianni Agnelli, JFK and Roberto Rossellini. The company was bought just a few year’s ago by Prada and most recently has moved from Via della Spiga 50 to Via della Spiga 1.

What I found most interesting is that while the shoes are comfortable, the most important thing in this latest press release about the opening of a flagship store in Capri is the store’s design. The newly opened store has the exact same design and architecture as the store in Milan.

What may be so interesting about that?

Perhaps it is a recreation of the Castle of Monza, or perhaps the Basilica of Florence?

Unfortunately it is merely designed to have the feel of the interior of a car. The two primary windows have the front and back of a touring rally car from the 60s.

Perhaps I am just over sensitized to the superficial recreation of this or that look. I am forever reminded of the Las Vegas Venetian and its 12$ a pop ride on a Gondola. Located on the top floor of a shopping area with the star painted ceiling to recreate romantic ride in the Laguna in the post dusk evening. People actually stand in line to ride this thing… I am fairly confident that “Car Shoe” of Capri will not be remembered for the very comfortable driving shoes it produces instead for the mock version of the race car sitting in the window.


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