Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Italian Fashion – Handbags Spring Summer 2007

The 2007 Spring and Summer collection expands is somewhat retro. Big hats and big handbags from the 50s and 60s are back as well. Raffaella is salivating over many of the designer’s outfits but the continuing themes she loves are the handbags. I admit, I do not get excited about handbags or purses. Shoes are a different subject and hats can be intriguing, but handbags. Perhaps this is the consequence of becoming the depository of the handbag whenever my female companion had something else in her hands or wanted to go into someplace where the purse would not be appropriate. There I am, standing in some hall somewhere, holding the purse.

I can understand the why the purse is so fascinating. No matter how big or small it can hold the documents of a small country. Many times I have watched in amazement as Raffaella emulated Mary Poppins and pulled the most inconceivable objects out of her purse.

As we went through the photographs of the 2007 Spring and Summer collection she was ecstatic, noting the large purses and handbags. She has since been asking me to write about this tendency and I have found some interesting things. Most of these purses are very expensive. They can be found at high end retailers in the US at somewhere between $ 750 and 1,500. This does not mean you have to spend that kind of money. If you want the name, the effects of the slumping dollar will be felt but if you are interested in the look there are many options (without going with the fakes).

The primary tendencies are soft leathers, suede and heavy fabrics. Anything shiny, gold or silver, is also in vogue. The appropriate size is from large to gigantic but the most interesting part of the designs is the personalization. The major designers are using cross patterns of colored leather and decorated fabrics sewn onto the suede structure to make each piece unique. I have also seen some heavy wool purses twined together as if they were rope creating a flexible and lightweight handbag. The younger crowd has taken to embroidering bright designs of cartoon characters or flowers. I think this is a takeoff of the flower child era.

So how do you get something unique? I would look for a clean, soft line with a natural color. Find an embroidered design of something that you like or that expresses your current mood and sew it into the broader side of the purse. It will have the look of the top line designs and cost significantly less.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that puma handbag! I love hand bags with an edge sometimes. However, a lot of the time i love a bag with a clean, soft line with a natural color.
I like bags that will match up with many outfits that i would wear and that fits my vintage style. I do not like vintage bags nonetheless i love vintage clothing. Therefore my bag has to compliment my style.
I also like though, sometimes, to go out in a vintage band t-shirt and jeans that is when bags such as these puma ones come in handy.

Thank you for posting!

2:02 AM


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