Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gaetano Navarra – Pret a Porter Women’s Fashion Spring Summer 2007

Italian Prêt a Porter Women’s Fashion for the 2007 Spring and Summer season presents some interesting designs. I was not impressed when I first saw the Gaetano Navarra line. The lines are, for the most part, flowing and sensual but the fabrics were quite contemporary, almost eclectic. Many people love modern. I think that the clean lines of contemporary are important to a clean look but taken to the extreme they create emotions of barren, diminishing the sensuality of a woman. Gaetano Navarra based his line on layers, using both volume and texture. It makes me think of Shrek and his paragon that ogres are like onions.

Needless to say I was short sighted. I looked at the outfits as complete wear instead of seeing the pieces individually. Matched with another designer or perhaps a simple pair of jeans and heels they take on a completely different personality. Mix and match pieces of the Navarra collection or popping up on the streets of Milan like blue bonnets on the highways of Texas. Not full outfits but a jacket here, a skirt or blouse there.

Notice the fabric and the first two designs. The top and skirt from two different looks are one outfit. He then matched simple colors and cloths with the more elaborate outfit to come up with something I like quite well.

In this next set I love the jackets or tops made to look like jackets.

Now for the stuff I do not understand and have a hard time thinking about when one could ever wear these.

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Blogger Lexcen said...

I like them all because the fabrics are soft and flowing which is how I always prefer to see women dressed. The designs are intriguing in that they are at once both familiar and unfamiliar, a very clever juxtaposition.

1:31 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Lexcen I think you expressed it perfectly, "familiar yet unfamiliar". I believe it is the choice of fabrics that brings contemporary to the classic designs.

11:08 AM


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