Monday, March 05, 2007

Women’s Pret-a-Porter Fashion Spring – Summer 2007 Emilio Pucci

Spring initiates the new growing seasons. Young plants sprout and flowers bloom in a myriad of color and designs. Women’s fashion follows the seasons. Fabrics are lighter weight, often colorful, often shiny. Across all designers the tendency is the rebirth of the 1950s to 1970s. Emilio Pucci caught my attention because of his take on the 1960s redesigns with a contemporary flair in the fabrics. This is not to say that everything is fantastic. I only like about 50% of the outfits. The other 50% I consider extremely dangerous for any women. These “designs gone wild” remind me of the mascot costumes at a university football game. They are boxy or worse yet make even the most fit women look like a 2 x 12 framing board.

The important accessories to complete the Emilio Pucci Women’s fashion look are the platform shoes and shiny purses. There are some wild fabric patterns in this line. I find that most interesting but this can be a negative for some women so when shopping take a true friend. You know, the one who will tell you if that outfit makes you look like a circus clown. Spring and Summer Fashion in Italy means sun and beach so many of these outfits are geared toward a vacation resort type destination and may not be appropriate in the office.

These designs are for the lady confident of her femininity. Dresses are short and shoulders are often bare so a couple of trips to the gym may help you pull this off. The black undertones should also work well for an evening out for dinner and drinks.

These fabrics take the design to the next level. They say, “hey look at me,” I am hot. Do not be shy, if you have it, flaunt it. The platforms are really important for these outfits. They lengthen the legs. Do not be surprised if your man drifts off while you are wearing one of these. Do not be concerned, he is definitely thinking about you.

Summer is vacation, days on the beach and playful evenings about town. Many of these outfits go directly from the beach to the restaurant without passing by the house to get changed. They are versatile and comfortable. The colors are vivid and the skirts short to show off that newly acquired tan.


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Blogger Annika said...

Lovely! I adore the dress in the biggest picture!! I'm not crazy about the shoes, but match that dress with strappy black sandals (high heels, of course)... if that's not hot, I don't know what is.

11:50 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Annika I agree with you. There are some exciting outfits here. I am glad to see you back!

12:33 PM

Blogger Doll Face said...

Usually i see your review and want 90% this time, i only really like the orange in first row - I could've worn it 5 years ago when I had killer legs (damn you female child bearing hips and slower metabolism)

4:53 PM

Blogger Lexcen said...

Good to see you're only showing the good designs in the photos, I don't like the skinny models.

12:33 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Natalie I knew you would like that dress!

Lexcen You are breaking down an open door with me. A woman's beauty is in the soft curves and delicate lines. Too skinny removes all of that.

9:24 AM


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