Friday, March 30, 2007

Who’s the Politician – Concept for a new Realty TV Show

A bit of culture, a bit of fun. There is a scandal brewing in Italy. It has been simmering for about 6 months. Last year photographs of beautiful showgirls sunbathing on a yacht of the shores of Ischia with several pepper gray haired men prancing around in bathing suits, too small for their prominent bellies and sagging behinds, appeared in the local newspapers. Surely these are kindly grandfathers taking their granddaughters on a weekend cruise in the warm Mediterranean Sea. Goodness they sure are friendly.

As the paparazzo scrutinizes his freshly developed photographs, he realizes he has hit the jackpot. The kindly grandfather is none other than very high level, married, politicians and the girls, object of the gentlemen’s attention, are showgirls, models and female TV announcers. The newspaper realizes the value of these photographs and immediately begins to investigate; dirt sells! The article is published. It does not create much drama. Italians are very understanding when it comes to sins of the flesh. A prosecutor reads the story and finds it somewhat unusual that all of the women had the same agent. This agent is very powerful.

The contorted mind of a prosecutor sees malice even in the kindness these grandfathers were displaying. He investigates further, formally interrogates a few of the models and opens an investigation against unknown individuals. Strangely enough the photographs do not allow a clear identification of the politician. The charges are of prostitution, instigation of prostitution, complicity in prostitution and extortion. Apparently the all-powerful agent would offer the young and budding actresses and models 5,000 Euro and a position in a weekly television show for a certain number of encounters with powerful people. Photographs were then taken and held for just the right moment. The girls now famous or the politician that needed to change his view on some legislation were targets of the power broker.

The investigation has taken on a life of its own rivaling a Greta Van Susteren TV trial. Strangely enough the models, the agent, and the showgirls have all been interrogated and fully scrutinized by the media but the powerful politicians still have not been completely identified. This sounds so familiar to what is happening here in the US as the DC madam is being tried for the same offenses but her personal agenda containing names, dates and personal phone numbers of her clients has been sealed by the courts. Thus a new concept in reality TV came to mind.

Let us forget the Britney Spears and Anna Smiths. Who cares if Madonna speaks with an English accent or which actor is checking into the various rehabs this week? We should stick the paparazzi on the politicians. Turn the television cameras on those touting ethics while molesting male pages. Think of the ratings and who knows, we may be able to answer the question: “Who’s the politician in the photograph?”


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Blogger Lexcen said...

I'm shocked to see politicians using their power and influence to gain unsavory favors from people in the entertainment industry, cavorting with nubile young actresses on a yacht. Next thing you'll tell me is that politicians are passing laws to favor certain people in exchange for gifts and other miscellaneous perks.Then I'll probably hear about retiring politicians being appointed to corporate boards or as ongoing consultants of corporations. I don't believe it!

11:50 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Lexcen I too was amazed to see such decadence among those who so capably and ethically represent our interests ;)

8:00 AM

Blogger RennyBA said...

The world is small - we hear the same gossips in Norway. Politicians has become more like celebrities and I think that's a threat to our democracy.
Btw: Thanks for you comments on my post about the lovely dinner at Palatium - yes it tasted great!
Wishing you and Raffaella a great weekend:-)

2:04 PM

Blogger ColleenQ said...

So, uh...what would be the quickest way for me to get into politics?? ;)

7:36 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Renny Tutto il mondo e' paese! The whole world is just like my home town. Those who have a little money or power like to enjoy the finer things in life.

CQ I think it is genetic. You have to have the genes to be sleezy, corrupt, and a natural born lier.

10:35 AM


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