Thursday, March 15, 2007

Peschiera on the shores of Lake Garda

Many are asking where to stay for the Vinitaly tradeshow in Verona. It is practically impossible to find lodging in Verona. Do not despair. There are many areas in north Italy, within 45 minutes of the fair, that can also be in a wine or food themed Agriturismo or perhaps on the famous Lake Garda. Peschiera is one of the most strategic and scenic destinations on the Lake of Garda. Its origins date back before written history; the original village was built on piers controlling the mouth of the river Mincio. Every warlord, from Julius Cesar to Carlo Magno, has conquered Peschiera over the centuries but the city finally found peace with the unification of Italy. Today it is a primary destination for water sports from skiing to sailing. Peschiera is also a favorite destination for families given the high concentration world-class theme parks in the surrounding areas.

The historic architecture is concentrated primarily inside the XVI century fortification walls. The “Palazzina Storica” holds numerous murals and was the protagonist in the encounter between the allied forces and King Vittorio Emanuele at the end of WWI. Other things to see include the Church of San Martino constructed in the XVIII century on the remains of a pagan temple. The church is decorated with murals covering the internal walls. Another interesting destination is the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Frassino built in the XVI century with murals from the 1700s.

Without a doubt the primary business in Peschiera is tourism. The food is excellent. The local dishes have a wide variety of lake fish. Some of the antique recipes include: Carp, Trout, Eel, and sardines. A local favorite is bigoi con le agule, spaghetti with sardines. The table wines are young and fruity and are a perfect match for the local fish recipes. Some of the wines you may find on your table are il Rosso Superiore, il Bardolino, il Gropello, il Rubino, and il Novello. Before dinner Aperitif may be served with a local Spumante Rose’ or Lugana Spumante.

Peschiera is right on the autostrada making it a perfect place to stay out of the fray when business takes you to Milan or Verona. There is a great Agriturismo just up the coast in Bardolino (land of the grape) that may be the perfect mix between food, wine and business.


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Blogger Dianne said...

I've always wanted to go to Lake Garda, but havent yet been! This post is encouraging me to do so!


2:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess I'm just jealous of all those many who need to ask. I wish I could go :(

7:05 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Dianne You are just a short plane trip away. Great lake fish and some marvelous table wines.

Jennifer I understand what you are saying but there are also downsides for those working between the two worlds things are not always rosy. There are tremendous emotional swings as understanding each culture allows you to see the things that are not just right in the other. It can be a tough balancing act.

9:47 AM

Blogger RennyBA said...

Vinitaly tradeshow or not, reading your post always makes me wants to go there. At least I'm going to Rome next week:-)
Btw: Your always invite us to nice places so now it's my turn: You are invited to a free cruise all around the world, starting from Stockholm to Oslo this weekend. Come on over and get on board if you like!

12:46 PM


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