Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Laura Biagiotti Women’s Fashion Spring Summer 2007

Laura Biagiotti is always bright colors and simple designs. I usually like just about everything she does. This year, as many other designers, she is on a retro 70s kick. The first thing that caught my attention was the tie die prints.

The intrigue quickly passed to “Oh my goodness, what was she thinking?”

I do not write about the things I do not like so I thought Laura’s designs for this Spring and Summer would have been missing. Sometimes designers produce models that are intended to surprise. Let’s just call it the Fashion Industry’s “Shock and Awe!” After the first ten models passed the lines became cleaner, the colors more vibrant and the fabrics traditional Laura Biagiotti. Although most of these outfits will be for the young or young at heart they are worth taking a look.

The primary accessories are the heeled sandals and big 70 style glasses. Some lines are the baggy moo moo type long dresses. They bring to mind images of Woodstock, Mary Jane roaches, and really long hair.

The next series worth going over are the bright colored patterns on short skirt and form fitting jackets. I can think of many occasions where these outfits would not only be appropriate but also a lot of fun. The slacks are probably a bit more exuberant than I would like to see on Raffaella but surely they are saying, “hey, look at me!”

The final line I could see as part of the summer wardrobe are the whites. The solid white fabrics are broken with intricately embroidered patterns or free flowing ribbons and bows. Most of these could be office or casual evening attire. Perfect for a dinner or night out on the town. While not austere they do not take away from the traditional office décor.

The ladies of Milan seem to agree with me as some of these outfits are making it into the offices this spring. If you would like to see the entire line you can find it at the official website.

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Blogger ChickyBabe said...

I like the first white dress though the model looks a bit anorexic. The green skirt is original too, but would only suit someone with that model's legs.

12:46 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

ChickyBabe While the tendency is toward healthier body styles, it will take some time before the super skinny are out. I am thinking that you could pull off the green skirt without a problem. Go for it!

7:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i luv the 1 that's next 2 the 1 with the green skirt with the cute shorts & super pretty top!

3:15 PM


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