Thursday, January 18, 2007

Italian Fashion Tendencies – Avoid the Doldrums – Be the hottest Lady on the block

The holidays are over. Perhaps a few extra pounds have secured their place and the after holiday diets have not had time to eliminate those holiday splurges. For some reason the euphoria of Christmas and New Year’s has left and there is a “ho hum” feeling around the house. January is the Monday of the year. In this frame of mind jeans seem to be the best choice for every occasion, not because they are appropriate but they just feel right. Fight the temptation; express your sense of style and grace. Here are a few tips on keeping you the most intriguing lady in the office.

Don’t put away those special occasion outfits you bought for the holidays. Most likely you will not use them next year and while everyone else is moping around trying to get their MOJO going that cute little dress will do especially well. Try putting together some casual and formal pieces. Mix and match and most of all use your imagination. Dress for every occasion whether it be shopping at the big box retailer or meeting for coffee at the local café.

Accessorize! Pull out the light colored handbags and shoes that are in the closet waiting for spring. Plush fabrics and luxurious textures along with the bright and cheerful colors are a natural pick-me-up. Both you and those around you will feel better and be more positive.

Buy that hot little item you found for the upcoming spring season. Sure, you cannot wear it today but, long before the season arrives there will be a day that just says, “Spring is here!” You will be the first, and most likely the only, lady ready for the spring and summer fun.

Be a Diva! Winter fashion is always more subdued. Sometimes even cold like the weather outside. Add some big sunglasses, a summer hat, or perhaps those hot thigh high boots that are just too provocative in other occasions.

Try that intense red lipstick. The tan is fading if not already gone. The outfits are earth tones and everyone just seems to fade into the background. A red lipstick in this environment will stand out and be a cold splash of water in an otherwise dull and dreary day.

Try something in gold or silver. While they are in line with the traditional winter colors they have a sparkle. These colors talk about how you value yourself and let others know that you are comfortable being the center of attention.

Finally pull out the costume jewelry. Trinkets and beads add color, movement and texture to an otherwise boring look. Try colored chains with dark colors or gold and silver with plush fabrics. Winter does not mean dead. Show your vitality and love of life even if everyone else is hibernating.


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