Monday, November 06, 2006

Gianfranco Ferre’ – Women’s Fashion Winter 2007

Gianfranco Ferre’ is another one of Raffaella’s favorite designers. This means that I have observed, over the years, the transition and progression in a very personal way. The designers seem to have their own view of what a woman is and when, in her life, she is most beautiful. I have always considered Ferre’ creations to be for the 30+ very youthful woman. Sometimes with an aggressive touch but usually professional and feminine.

Fabrics are the co-Stars of this collection. Beautiful, luxurious, soft, and layered they accentuate femininity. Some lines are strictly white and black. Others lines contain deep and penetrating color that throws off a brilliance as the light moves across the cloth. Crumbled lace and silk against the skin are combined with double-breasted jackets made of deep velvets and fur.

This year the Ferre’ collection is intriguing. Most designers are retro, bringing in designs and colors from the 1960s to 1980s. Ferre’ went a little farther back, lines and colors from the Bell’epoca of the 1700s. While they would not be appropriate at the court of King Luigi in France, there is a distinct influence of the Noble Donna of the king’s court. This year’s designs also include a 20+ line. While I do not think this was his intention I see it as a Classy Gothic. He adorns a confident and successful woman with a mysterious, slightly dark side. Who knows if this hidden personality, only peaking out at the most discerning eye, is passive or dominant?
The ambiguity does not end with 1700s gothic undertones. The overcoats and jackets generate images of a woman comfortable in the untamed western frontier of the 1800s. This woman could keep Grizzly Adams or Wyatt Earp in line with just a glance. Powerful yet soft and sensual, this lady is truly a woman.

It would be remiss to not mention the formal wear of the line. I find the entire line exciting but the formal wear seems to bring all the pieces together. The Gothic undertones are combined with the luxurious fabrics and deep colors. It may be difficult to find an appropriate outing for these works of art but they are truly unique, a combination of soft and subtle while hinting of mystery and strength.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an avid follower of ladies fashion, pics number 9 and 12 caught my eye as I have shown similar fashion pics on my blog. I found the other outfits impractical (if that term can ever be used when appraising fashion).
I'm still reeling from the feast of cleavage in this seasons streetwear. I can't wait for the exposed nipple trend.

9:59 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Lexcen These are the wearable versions. Raffaela would easily wear any of these as are. Some of the others she would mix and match but found these very comfortable.

We could chant the song, "the nipples are coming, the nipples are coming,..." as most straight men applaud.

5:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I don't wear womens clothes, I must concede to Raffaela's opinion.

12:19 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Lexcen I, also, must bow to my Raffaella when it comes to wearable, I would be an ugly woman!

Raffaella has just suggested that we pick up a few of these on my next trip so I can take the photos...

Somehow you two just stuck it to my wallet.

12:25 PM

Blogger Doll Face said...

I really like Gianfranco Ferre’, my favourite handbag is his and i have specacular GFF white linen pants (that i can't fit into currently - i'm working on it)

I live formal black number :-)

10:52 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Natalie I can imagine that you would truly look hot in Ferre' and since you have the right occasions the formals can really be seductive.

Raffaella and I liked the black with the lace shoulder-neck gothic collar. Too cool.

5:38 AM


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