Friday, October 13, 2006

Tendenza Scarpe – Women's Shoes Winter 2007 – Milan goes ultra flat!

Much to my dismay, flats and platforms are back. Not just flats but ultra flats are parading around the world’s fashion capital. I know that for many ladies that have problems with heels this is a welcomed change but I cannot change my nature, I have a passion for spikes. Future tendencies for the spring and summer 2007 continue with the platform. Sorry ladies, since I cannot write about what I do not like, that is all I can say about the flats or platforms.

I wandered down via della Spiga, barely glancing at the store windows as I passed. I was about to turn onto the street of my destination I noticed the Salvatore Ferragamo store and my disappointment departed. Sure, the store had the classical ballerina and wedges but spiked half boots were also visible. Time would not permit a closer look but, there was hope that I would not have to support a fall and winter of flats and wedges. I do not know what it is but I find heels do marvelous things for a woman’s look. After all it was Raffaella’s spikes that I first noticed ten years ago.

During the periods of the flats Raffaella has two fallback solutions to wait out the change in times, Pollini and Bruno Magli. Even on these stalwarts of style and grace the heels are tending heavier. Both designers have traditionally kept elegant heeled, semi-heeled and flats. So as this period of famine progresses, check these out. Bruno Magli incorporates a velvet-like cloth, usually two-tones in luxurious earthy colors, together with a leather base. My favorite is the calf high boot with spiked heels and fur overlay on the calf tied in the middle by a wide leather belt and ostentatious buckle. Perhaps the lace neck boot with leather shoe is also sexy but I would have to see it with the appropriate outfit. Sure it is unusual, unusual is good, but choosing the correct dress will take some time.
Pollini, has been in Milan forever, and is well known by the locals. The store keeps a line of classical shoes no matter what the rest of the world is doing. This year’s selection is no different. The décolleté, half boots and boots are all of both soft leather and cloth and they are spikes.

Fabiani, a smaller producer from Central Italy, put together some really interesting combinations. Everything in spikes but it was the velvet–leather mix and the embroidered designs that caught my attention. I am not sure how widely Fabiani is distributed outside of Italy. For the most part I think I like this line generally better than the others although the are a few models in each line that are really nice.
The moral of this adventure in fashion is that no matter how things look on the surface check out the lines you liked from previous years. They may take you down the road to find something that really fits your personality. Remember, Fashion is all about you and what you like, not what the designers say you will like.


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Blogger AY said...

I'd have to side with chic Parisiennes on this one, David! Flats have so much attitude.

It's not that I don't like spikes. I am tall and I don't like attention. Flats do the job. Plus, they are for the more confident women, HA!

5:59 PM

Blogger ChickyBabe said...

I too noticed the trend when I was in Paris. I didn't buy any shoes there because I was unsure the fashion would be the same here. Our summer shoe styles didn.t match what was being worn in London and Paris.

8:02 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

AY The great thing about fashion is that it is usually personal. What one sees as beautiful another cannot stand. Personally, all the women I have known who wear flats, have done so for numerous reasons, none of which were attitude.

I have confessed my bias. I love spikes, flats just do not do it for me, I prefer casual shoes over flats. Whether the women be tall, short, or just right heels elongate the figure, and again beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I am extremely content that you like this year's tendencies. Fashion is what you like and that is what you should wear no matter what I or others think!

ChickyBabe The trend is strong in Europe and will continue for the next several years with variations. The Spring Summer will re-introduce the wedge with color cloth instead of leather along with nosebleed high mini skirts!

8:09 AM

Blogger AY said...

Haha! I don't just wear flats! Spikes are still appropriate in certain situations. :-)

Oh, flats worn the Parisienne way is very chic and with much attitude! I am not talking about frumpy flats!

But yes, "fashion" is very personal indeed. Succumbing to fads is the last thing I'd do.


8:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I almpst never wear shoes that dressy, but when I do ... it is always a flat. I'm far too clumsy ... I don't have the luxury of being able to care about which one looks better :)

6:17 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

I like the old stuff but unfortunately the only type of shoe I could order in Italy would be by special order. My feet are too big for normal sizes and I have yet to find a pair of shoes in Europe!

Now try thinking of people who have big feet and you might change your mind on tastes...

Dressy shoes only look good on small feet and when you get into large sizes you should see how ugly they get!

10:39 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Jennifer I may have expressed my thoughts about shoes incorrectly. There are some pretty cool flats, just not formal. There are also some low heels that can be pretty nice. It is true that it takes some time to learn to be comfortable in spikes, I understand, I think this also may be one of the things that I appreciate about them.

Expat Big Feet can be a difficulty but one of the things I love about Italy is that Artisans, although fewer and fewer, still exist. 50% of my shoes are hand made by a local Artisan in Crema, something that here in the States no longer exists at any price.

In the future I will dedicate a few weeks talking about Artisans and how and where to find great workmanship and products.

11:24 AM


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