Friday, August 11, 2006

TGI Friuli

Thank God Its Friuli!

Friuli is a difficult land. It is located in the northeastern section of Italy directly on a major fault line. It is a beautiful land with mountains and high plains. It has cold winters and hot summers. I greatly admire the people of Friuli. A simple and hardworking people who accept the difficulties of life and, without complaining, they live in harmony with their environment turning it into a terrestial paradise. The discerning traveller will find Friuli to be an excellent destination, a land of wonder hidden in the mountains of northern Italy. The women are beautiful and as passionate as the land is demanding. It is no wonder that Raffaella is a daughter of Friuli.

Friulani are not widely recognized in the world even though their products are. The surgical utensils of Magnago, the grappa of Picolit, the Prosciutto of San Daniele and the wines of Collio, are all products we use and consume and are the highest quality in their respective markets. We know Friuli, its products are in our daily lives, its sons and daughters are among us, but few can identify what or where is Friuli. This derives from the Friulani themselves. They are not boisterous or loud, they have learned over the centuries of devastating earthquakes and wars the secret to a quality life. Family and friends, being the best at what they do taking the difficulties of life and turning them into opportunities.

One of the best-kept secrets of travel is Friuli. Usually only the most passionate wine lovers arrive in Friuli and discover a destination rich in beauty and tradition. Friuli is not the museums of Florence, or the powerful Rome, but it is a unique combination of great food, marvelous wines, warm people, and scenic beauty. The best way to experience Friuli is to take one of the wine trail tours, stay at each of the wineries for a couple of days and visit the local towns, osterie, and vineyards. It will change your perspective of life.


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Blogger Rudy Wellsand said...

Oooooooh! DARK SITE! Yes! Great FRIULI, Italy! That's where Trieste, Gorizia, Udine, Mafalcone, and Great Universities are!

The Italians took out a 24-page Ad in the January 2006 issue of Scientific American Magazine, found on all your local news stands. They advertised for the entire Friuli Venzia Giulia region, for their Universities, for Technology, Industry, Expertise in Electronics, Space, and competitive advantages in the area.

When the Americans fought their way up the Italian coast during WWII, the 350th infantry went up through Friuli into Austria, while the 351st stayed in the hills above Trieste, in Opacina. I was THERE! LOVELY COUNTRY! I'm glad to hear that they are doing so much better now.

As an aside to this, did you know THAT YOU CAN READ CODES RIGHT OUT OF YOUR OWN BIBLE, that CONTROL your Destiny?

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2:55 PM

Blogger ChickyBabe said...

I must admit I haven't heard of it until now, though I've met someone from Udine. He was passionate about a lot of things!

8:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Spammer-Rudy:

did you know you can read codes out of your own mind that control your destiny?

check it out, a mind's a terrible thing to waste...

7:00 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Rudy Please do not spam on my site.

ChickyBabe Friuli is such an interesting place, somehow they are able to produce marvelous things and still remain understated. I have always been well in Friuli.

Anon Thank you for the comment. I left Rudy's comment only because he provided factual information about WWII. Many do not realize the great things the US did in Italy and that Trieste was actually a US protectorate until 1956.

7:12 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

that definitely looks like a beautiful place to visit! Love the pics.

9:42 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Expat Looks alot like where you're at right now! The Alps are beautiful no matter what country they are in.

12:20 PM

Blogger RennyBA said...

Thanks for sharing this 'difficult land' and make it so tempting to visit. You share everything so nicely with great and interesting information so one always has the urge to go there!
Btw: we had Italien wine for dinner yesterday and I taged you for readers who want more insight to travel Italy:-)

2:22 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Renny I read about the dinner. It looked really good. I bet your wife loved it.

In these times of turmoil, being with friends and family, appreciating the wonderful things that life has given us, would be a fantastic therapy program.

8:55 AM

Blogger Cibbuano said...

I've never heard of this region, but between the proscuitto and the women, my eyebrows are rising in intrigue...

8:55 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Cibby Great to see you here. Friuli is intriguing. If you have an opportunity it is worth a visit, a different lifestyle, a different way to view life, it helps put everything into perspective and yes the women are incredible, strong, beautiful and passionate about life!

5:57 AM

Blogger Marco Davida Giovanni Carbone said...

I was at Aviano A.F.B. from 1975 - 1978. Drove an Alfa Romeo 1600 Giulia Sprint GT. My girlfriends name was Anna Marie Malnis. We went into Austria, Germany,and all the way to Nice, France. Needless to say we also covered 90% of the Friuli Region. The Frecce Tricolori put a show in for us July 4th, 1976. They perform maneuvers in Europe that are illegal in the U.S. for safety reasons. I was taking pictures with my Hasselblad and actually moved back because I thought "You Guys are Nuts" ! Anyway, I wouldn't trade the memories for anything. Gracie, Marco Davide Giovanni Carbone.

8:10 AM


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