Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Terre di Franciacorta Rosso – Red Wine

Terre di Franciacorta Rossa is produced exclusively in the area of Franciacorta. It is a hearty red wine great for every day dining. It is comprised primarily of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon with small percentages of Barbara, Nebbiolo, and Merlot. Each producer will have its own mix and the structure and complexity can change significantly from one wine to another. The general characteristics are a vibrant red color with violet highlights, medium body, and a flavor of herbs and mature fruit. The alcohol content is rather low, 11-12% per volume, for a red wine. The aging process of 24 months eliminates some of the fruitiness but this is a wine to drink while still young.

This wine was created as an every day table wine for the entire family so the tannins are extremely limited and the wine has a very fruity flavor. Open the wine and let it sit for before drinking, it seems to reduce the fruitiness.

As with the Terre di Franciacorta Bianco this wine was created to accompany the local dishes. In particular the manzo all’olio, or oiled beef. Another version is with a suckling pig where the pig is roasted on an open pit while being continuously brushed with oil. The meat picks up the fire flavor while the oil keeps the outside from crusting. Another favorite is fresh eggs, just out of the chicken fresh, rolled in the hot embers of the fire. After about three minutes in the coals you cut the top of the egg with a dessert spoon. Then eat the half cooked egg with is little pepper directly from the shell.

I have spent many an evening in the hills around Franciacorta. Rovato is the center of Franciacorta and is worth a visit for some great food, wine and to meet some fantastic people.


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Blogger Tracie P. said...

thanks for the info--didn't know much about non-bubbly franciacorta! do you have any specific suggestions for the whites and reds?

1:01 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Tracie b. - some many places, so much wine, so little time...

I have been to many different vineyards over the years. Although I do not remember the specifics of individual producers here are a few that I have tried and know that I liked. I guess I will have to get them to send me a few bottles to better prepared:

Tenuta Bonomi
Villa Franciacorta
Antica Fratta

11:18 AM


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